What is Winter Term?

Winter Term is much like a collegiate mini-semester.  
The seminars offered during Winter Term provide a great opportunity for students to explore new course topics which may not fit into the traditional academic year, but are perfect for shorter, more intensive study. The courses are developed by faculty, administrators, staff, alumni, parents, and grandparents, all of whom bring tremendous creativity and personal passion into the classroom.
Students will choose four topical seminars for the 2023 Winter Term. Two of their seminars will be four days long, while the other two will be singleton courses that meet once. Spiritual Life Retreat will be available to students the weekend before Winter Term to kick off their week of exploration.

When does Winter Term take place?

Winter Term runs for four days, from January 31 - February 3, 2023.

What does the daily schedule look like?

Are you interested in being a part of Winter Term?

If you would like to teach either a week-long seminar or a one-time seminar, please reach out to Kimi Nahigian at: k_nahigian@mhs-hs.org by October 31st for details on how you can be involved. 

Example Courses:

Shark Tank: Bring Your Creative Ideas to Life
Imagine your ideas change the way we live because you had the foresight, discipline, and courage to breathe life into your vision. Expect to work in small collaborative teams to turn your ideas into a polished product definition, then make your pitch to our panel of Sharks. Each class starts with a short lesson to set up your team activities. All are welcome, especially artists, poets, mathematicians, technologists, writers, scientists, athletes, et cetera. Class limited to the depth and breadth of our creativity and our powers of persuasion. 
Experiencing Opera: The Marriage of Figaro by Mozart
Let’s go to the opera! Come witness a world where all artistic venues combine – music, drama, stagecraft, and art. In class we will listen to music and learn about the operatic voice (yes, Miss Dennison might even sing for the class); we will watch some operas on video to see how stories are told through music and singing. Opera is an amazing experience, especially when you get to experience it with your friends. This class will also give us the opportunity to see a live opera show. So, come along. Please note: This class is not about learning to sing opera, but about the experience of the audience of opera. No musical experience required.
Thanks so much for your help in making Winter Term a special time for our school!