As an intentionally Christ-centered school, Maranatha High School seeks to integrate faith into every aspect of our living, learning, and serving. One opportunity given to the student body to grow in an understanding of service to the world is our global stewardship program. The goal of Maranatha’s global stewardship program is for the Holy Spirit to transform the culture of our school to become more like the Antioch church as Luke describes it in the book of Acts. In the course of their normal devotion to God in worship, prayer, and fasting, the leaders were told by the Holy Spirit to send Barnabas to Paul to spread the gospel abroad (chapter 13). In the same way, our goal is to be a generous community that participates actively and cheerfully in both sides of the mission of God—going and sending.
The Maranatha mission program is not in the vacation package business, so our vision is much broader and deeper than simple travel planning. It’s profoundly more intentional and rich than that. Our desire is for our missions program to effectively serve the missionaries and target communities that we partner with, while at the same time having a dynamic reciprocity of transformation within our own community. We aspire that our entire community is transformed through spiritual formation in the areas of justice, service, and evangelism.

2021-22 Missions Trips

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2018-19 Global Stewardship Trips

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Past Short Term Mission Trips

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  • Harambee Ministries in Pasadena

    Easter Break

    While serving at Harambee, our students and leaders will minister to the community through activities and programs geared towards children in the K-6 age range. With crazy ice-breakers, morning sports camps, afternoon work projects, and evening community events our hope is to partner with those currently ministering in the community to build His Kingdom one neighborhood at a time.
  • New Orleans


    Students and leaders will join up with Camp Restore as a collaborative Kingdom assignment in New Orleans’. Through a variety of work-projects and international ministries, we will show the world what our loving God is like. It transforms us, and it transforms them. It is going to be a hot, humid week of hard work, laughter, great food, and experiences with God that you’ll remember your entire life.
  • Armenia


    This year Maranatha High School is excited to announce that we will be organizing a team comprised of student and leaders who will be serving the community of Armenia, specifically its youth as well as spreading God’s love and Word to all those we encounter. Armenia was prayerfully selected for our school because of the call to serve our brothers and sisters in need as global stewards.
  • Dominican Republic


    Students and leaders will travel to the Dominican Republic over the summer of July to work alongside Mission Emmanuel, in various communities throughout Santo Domingo. Our team will join in a ministry existing for over 30 years which aims at providing children an escape of poverty through education and health. Ministry opportunities range from Mission Emmanuel Schools which serve over 500+ students through World Servants, the Mary Lynch Budd Children’s Clinic, Mission Emmanuel Church, Dr. Pete Armstrong Dental Clinic, Women’s Cooperative, and or the Water Purification Plant in Cielo.