List of 8 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What type of student are you looking to admit?

    A: We are seeking students who are interested in growing in their faith, preparing themselves to be accepted to colleges and universities of their choice, being equipped for a vocation, and being involved in community service.
  • Q: What are your criteria for admitting students to your school?

    A: To be considered for admission to Maranatha, a student must fulfill the following requirements: take the ISEE (only for those who wish to qualify for a merit scholarship), show a current GPA that indicates the opportunity for success at a college preparatory school (the average GPA last year for acceptance was over 3.5), desire an unapologetically Christian education, and present himself/herself well in the student/parent admissions interview.
  • Q: What is Early Admissions?

    A: Early Admissions is an opportunity for families and students who are only interested in attending Maranatha High School to be accepted to our school before the end of the calendar year. Up to 50% of the incoming freshmen class can be accepted during Early Admissions. Students who are not accepted during Early Admissions will be automatically placed in the pool of students being considered for Regular Admissions.
  • Q: What is the Admissions process?

    A: The Admissions process begins with submitting the online application. From this point, once the applicant’s admissions file is complete (the online application, reference forms, transcript and ISEE test results (optional)), then an admissions interview will be scheduled with the family. The interview includes at least one parent and the applicant and takes approximately 45 minutes. This is the time when both the family and the school get to know one another to see if Maranatha is truly the best opportunity for the applicant. Once the admissions interview is completed, Maranatha will communicate with the family by the posted dates listed in the admissions process (Early, Regular, Late). Each step along the way the school is in communication with the family as to the progress of the applicant’s file until a decision is reached.
  • Q: Does your school admissions process differ from other local college prep high schools?

    A: Our admissions process is distinct in two areas. First, our admissions process offers families an opportunity to be admitted early to the school if Maranatha is the applicant’s first choice. Many families who currently have students at the school choose this option. The second major distinctive of the Maranatha admissions process is the admissions interview. The interview is for both the parent(s) and the applicant. It is an extensive interview lasting approximately 45 minutes. This is the time when both the family and the school have opportunity to get to know one another, ask questions, and begin the process of having the applicant take ownership of their high school experience.
  • Q: I understand your school offers resource assistance for students with learning disabilities. How do you consider students for admittance to this program?

    A: Our school does have learning assistance for students with documented learning disabilities. Families with students who have these needs must apply for this program when applying for admittance to our school. We limit the number of students involved in this program to approximately 5% of the students at each grade level. In considering a student for this program we require current testing (within the past three years) and disclosure of any modifications to the academic curriculum of the student (IEP).
  • Q: Do students have to wear uniforms?

    A: Yes. The dress code is designed to set guidelines for health, safety, and modesty. We believe that students’ performance and attitude are affected by styles of dress and personal grooming. The basic uniform consists of polos of navy blue, white or red and navy blue or khaki pants, shorts, skorts, or skirts. For further information on school uniform requirements, please see our Student Handbook.
  • Q: If my child is admitted to Maranatha, are there other parent responsibilities I should be aware of?

    A: Maranatha High School views the education of its students as a partnership. We expect parents to be involved in their student’s education as well as the many programs at MHS through volunteering and financial stewardship. As with any private high school, tuition alone does not cover the entire cost of operating the school; therefore, parent participation through financial giving is expected, as each family is able. The main avenue for yearly financial support of the school is through the school’s Annual Fund. Volunteering is also stressed at Maranatha through our three parent organizations: the Athletic Booster Club, the Parent Association, and the Friends of Maranatha Arts. If you are unable to be a part of one of these organizations, the school’s Parent Association administers our P.S.P. (Parent Service Program) which requires all families to give 20 hours of volunteer service to the school each year. There are a variety of volunteer avenues for parents such as: helping at athletic events, setting up before school functions, assisting with mailings, donating professional services, helping organize fundraisers, supplying food and paper goods for events, etc. Parents are an integral part of the Maranatha community and we value this partnership!