Application and Registration Fees

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  • Early Admission

    Application Fee: $75
    Application Deadline: December 1, 2023
    Admission Decision: December 15, 2023
    Registration Fee: $850
    Registration Fee Due Date: January 12, 2024
  • Regular Admission

    Application Fee: $75
    Application Deadline: February 1, 2024
    Admission Decision: March 1, 2024
    Registration Fee: $850
    Registration Fee Due Date: March 22, 2024
  • Rolling Admission

    Application Fee: $75
    Application Deadline: Open-ended as spaces are available
    Admission Decision: Typically 3 Weeks after application completed
    Registration Fee: $850
    Registration Fee Due Date: 2 weeks after acceptance date

Annual Tuition

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  • Annual Tuition

    2023-24 TUITION RATES

    • Full Payment Plan - $25,400.00 (due in June)
    • 2-month Payment Plan - $12,827.00* (due in June & December)
    • 4-month Payment Plan - $6,477.00** (due in June, September, December & March)
    • 12-month Payment Plan - $2,159.00** per month (June – May)
    * 2-month payment plan includes a 1% convenience fee.

    ** 4-month and 12-month payment plans include a 2% convenience fee. Monthly amount is based on payments beginning June 1, 2023, and ending May 1, 2024. Monthly amount will increase for late enrollments past June 1, 2023. 
    Family Discount Rates: 5% discount for tuition on 2nd sibling; 7.5% discount on tuition for 3rd (or more) sibling.  No discount will be applied for families receiving Tuition Assistance. 

    All payments are due on the 1st of each month, with a 10-day grace period.  Payments not received and posted by the 10th will incur a $50.00 late fee.  Late fees will be charged if your statement balance is not paid in full each month.
    Note:  You will be responsible the full year's tuition if we are not notified by August 1, 2023 of your student's withdrawal.  Notification should be sent to the Admissions Department.
  • Annual Fees

    Tuition does not include ancillary fees, such as the ones listed below.
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  • International Student Tuition and Fees

  • Payment

    Maranatha High School uses Smart Tuition for the processing of all tuition and fees payments. Download the Smart Tuition frequently asked questions list (right column on this page). If you have further questions regarding the Smart Tuition program, please contact our Finance Department at (626) 817-4052.

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