The Oliver Honors Program is rooted in scripture and the classic works of Western civilization from the perspective of Christ’s centrality to all aspects of life.
In 1965, R.D. Oliver saw the need for a school that would foster “Christian Education for Leadership”. In celebration of our founder, the Oliver Honors Institute is rooted in the perspective that critical engagement of the world’s greatest works will shape Christian leaders of the highest caliber, confidently ready to transform the world with truth, love, and grace.

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  • Returning to the Classics

    The Oliver Honors Institute is modeled after the tutorial systems of Oxford and Cambridge. This approach to learning ensures that students master the material as they are expected to articulate and defend their ideas at each tutorial. As universities move toward blended Humanities programs, Oliver scholars will be well-prepared for the interdisciplinary nature and rigorous demands of higher education at the world’s best academic institutions. In addition to traditional biblical studies, Oliver scholars will bring Scripture into conversation with literary works derived from the Oxford Classics program and the Torrey Honors College at Biola University.
  • Academic Program

    Students in the Oliver Honors Institute take an interdisciplinary Humanities and Theology course each year at Maranatha as a fulfillment of their Bible requirement. This track is approved for English elective credit by the University of California system and grades 10-12 will earn weighted Honors credit. Oliver Honors students are taught in a tutorial format emphasizing Socratic discussion, excellent writing skills, and the development of a Biblical worldview. Students will be challenged to write college-level essays, present at academic symposiums, and develop the communication skills necessary for successful leadership. Oliver scholars will be awarded an honorary medal to be worn at graduation as well as a seal on their transcripts to highlight their exceptional academic achievement. 
  • Student Accomplishments

    Graduates of the program will have a robust and highly competitive portfolio complete with college-level analysis papers, participation in academic seminars, and a capstone project to be presented to the entire Maranatha community. Students will also have read selections of over 100 great works through successful completion of the program, preparing them for the academic rigor and perseverance they will need in order to achieve at the highest level.

How to Apply

Students must pass the ISEE exam with at least a 6/9 in English and should be familiar with Scripture and Christian theology. Continued participation in the program is contingent upon a yearly progress review with the program director.

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Transfer Policy: Transfers into the program may be accepted in some circumstances, contingent on fulfillment of the prerequisites as well as the completion of three textual analysis papers from the reading list.

For transfer inquiries and paper prompts, please email