Student Clubs and Organizations provide a place for our students to be involved in activities of their own interests that are organized by peers and overseen by faculty.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and Organizations at Maranatha serve to develop students as whole persons – offering opportunities for community service, leadership training, and cultivating interpersonal skills. Eligibility for any extracurricular program associated with Maranatha High School is conditioned upon satisfactory academic and behavioral performance and is subject to the club and/or organization guidelines for membership.

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  • Ambassador Club

    Our Purpose: The Ambassador Club is to serve Maranatha High School by supporting the Admissions Office. The club’s goal is
    to assist prospective student applicants to determine if Maranatha is the appropriate school for them. You may be asked to do things such as give tours, pass out name tags, direct visitor traffic for special events, attend Ambassador bonding events and activities, and above all, be flexible and committed in availability and service. Ambassador Club Leaders will represent Maranatha High School with a Christ-like attitude and a servant’s heart.

    Advisor: Rachel Ponton '09
  • American Red Cross

    Our Purpose: Is to help those in need across our community.

    Advisor: Miguel Almena
  • Armenian Student Association

    Our Purpose: We exist to bring the Armenian diaspora and those who are interested in the culture together to socialize, learn about historic and current events, and bring awareness to the community about our culture. We also look forward to collaborating in a diverse society with our community at large. 

    Advisor: Serene Babikian '16
  • Asian Student Association Club

    Our Purpose: To create a space for Asian students at Maranatha to come together and celebrate their culture and race. The club is not exclusive to Asian students, but we will focus on our Asian students and facilitate conversations about Asian identity development in Maranatha, the US, and the world.

    Advisor: Jason Wang
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Club

    Our Purpose: We aim to educate the campus with the ASL language and Deaf culture. We hope to inspire our signers to close the language barrier while doing it with God's love. 

    Advisor: Devan Douglass
  • Black Student Union (BSU)

    Our Purpose: The Black Student Union seeks to provide a safe space on campus where black students can feel encouraged and challenged. We welcome all students and want to collaborate to make our school and community a better, more inclusive place. 

    Advisor: Alexandra Brown
  • Bucket List Club

    Our Purpose: To help foster a sense of community at Maranatha.

    Advisor: Ji Choo
  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

    Our Purpose: The California Scholarship Federation chapter at MHS works to address the needs of those in our community through student leadership and dedicated service. Within MHS, CSF nurtures the hearts of MHS servant leaders to become more like Christ, the ultimate servant leader, who himself was dedicated to showing love to all those around him. Through CSF service projects, which cover a broad spectrum of community needs, students become more aware of how they can lead, love, and serve their community. 

    Advisor: Kerry Roche
  • Car Club

    Our Purpose: To share our love of cars.

    Advisor: Ted Yu
  • Chess Club

    Our Purpose: Establish a community to bond over the game of Chess.

    Advisor: Tyler Shattuck
  • Chinese Fellowship

    Our Purpose: The club’s objective is to spread the gospel by creating an accepting atmosphere that’s open for testimonies and questions regarding Christianity for the Chinese students. We also hope to form a supportive community that would embrace the Chinese culture and provide care for the Chinese students.

    Advisor: Monica Chan
  • Computer Science Competition Club

    Our Purpose: The purpose of this class is to gain knowledge in computer science, to find useful ways to solve problems, to participate in USACO (USA Computing Olympiad), and to participate in other fun hackathons for high school students. 

    Advisor: Ted Yu
  • CSF

    Our Purpose: To support many organizations through service.

    Kerry Roche
  • Fees for the Gees

    Our Purpose: To spread awareness and raise support for refugees.

    Advisor: James Layton
  • Female Empowerment Club

    Our Purpose: To shine a light on female empowerment.

    Advisor: Trish Arrington
  • Fencing Club

    Our Purpose: To educate students about the sport of Fencing.

    Advisor: Michael Mancini
  • Food Society

    Our Purpose: To raise money for local food banks.

    Advisor: Cheryl Dixon
  • Future Environmentalists of America

    Our Purpose: We want to bring awareness of what we do that affects our environment. In lieu of current global warming and climate changes, we need to educate on ways we can help alleviate by recycling, save energy, and lessen pollution. Hoping to do some practical steps on campus to start that process.

    Advisor: Diane Barnhart
  • Game on

    Our Purpose: To build community with Video Games.

    Advisor: Phil Chew
  • Golf Club

    Our Purpose: To enjoy Golf together.

    Advisor: Al Quintana
  • Hispanic Heritage Club

    Our Purpose: Celebrating the Hispanic Heritage at Maranatha.

    Advisor: Alba Breitenbacher
  • International Student Club

    Our Purpose: The International Club exists to help international students adjust to new learning and living environments. We would also like to promote cultural exchange between domestic and international students through different activities.

    Advisor: Joel Staggers
  • Kiwin Club

    Our Purpose: The Maranatha Kiwin's Key Club is part of the Kiwanis Organization which strives to give leadership opportunities to students in the U.S. and around the world. We will be focusing on service projects and volunteer work within our community along with taking part in different Kiwin's run events like leadership conventions and rallies. 

    Advisor: Nathan Spear
  • Korean Culture Association

    Our Purpose: To spread Korean culture.

    Advisor: Ji Choo
  • Lacrosse Club

    Our Purpose: To teach the sport of Lacrosse.

    Advisor: Phil chew
  • Latin Student Union

    Our Purpose: To give both Hispanic and non-Hispanic students an outlet to voice, understand, and raise awareness of their unique challenges, and celebrate the language and culture, in order to make an impact at school and in the community.

    Advisor: James Layton
  • Lifting Club

    Our Purpose: To Increase fitness.

    Advisor: Trish Arrington
  • Maranatha Music Club

    Our Purpose: Enjoy music, collaborate with others, and share with the community.

    Advisor: Adam Rupp
  • Math Club

    Our Purpose: To create an environment for students who are passionate about math to challenge themselves with math questions that are outside of the usual classroom curriculum. In addition, to get students ready for the Annual American Mathematics Competition.

    Advisor: Monica Chan
  • Model U.N.

    Our Purpose: Step into the shoes of a United Nations Delegate and engage in discussions and debates aimed at creating solutions for global issues and challenges along with developing language skills.  

    Advisor: Robert Gonzales
  • Nanoseed Club

    Our Purpose: Club members work together to raise money for kids in rural China and bring our community together through meaningful conversations.

    Advisor: Alexandra Brown
  • Ping Pong Club

    Our Purpose: Enjoy Ping Pong fun!

    Advisor: Phil Chew
  • Poetry Club

    Our Purpose: To explore the tool of Language.

    Advisor: David Martinez 
  • Save the Wave

    Our Purpose: Save the Wave is a club that’s revolved around environmental awareness, specifically towards ocean pollution. We will meet once every other week on zoom. Since we can’t do beach clean-ups right now, the plan is to still do fundraising activities and informational meetings to learn about what’s going on and how to be more sustainable.

    Advisor: Greg Parker
  • Science Club

    Our Purpose: The Science Club is to find out more about the world through science. We are fascinated by just the abundance of things to learn, explore, and discover in the universe. The ways we facilitate our curiosity is through going to events such as the Science Bowl, Science Olympiad, and SeaPerch. These events provide platforms where we can learn about different things and put them to the test in joining with other schools in these competitions. Apart from competitions, the club is a place where people that love learning about the world gather and where we can see the world through the lens of science in a fun and absolutely mind-blowing way!

    Advisor: Dan Newkirk
  • Spiritual Growth Club

    Our Purpose: To journey together down the path of discipleship.

    Advisor: Joel Staggers
  • Sports Medicine Club

    Our Purpose: Volunteering together, and hosting the on-campus Blood Drive.

    Advisor: Alicia Vessey
  • Sports Talk Club

    Our Purpose: Building community through sports talk.

    Advisor: Matt Ketterling
  • Student Body Newsletter (Xcetra Xtra)

    Our Purpose: Xcetra Xtra is a student-run newsletter that mainly serves as a creative outlet and simultaneously broadens our experiences in journalism. The Maranatha Student Body Newsletter is a news, advice, and art hub made by students, for students. 

    Advisor: Eric Tai
  • Table Top Game Club

    Our Purpose: Building community with games.

    Advisor: Nathan McAleese
  • The Finer Things

    Our Purpose: To explore Literature together.

    Advisor: Tyler Sattuck
  • Tutors 4 Kid

    Our Purpose: Tutors 4 Kid aims to help these students adapt to a new way of learning. We are an affiliate of La JaJa Kids, which was founded in 2010 in Southern California. In our free program, student tutors assist their tutees to achieve academic excellence through online learning.

    Advisor: Cheryl Dixon
  • Ultimate Frisbee

    Our Purpose: Building community through Ultimate Frisbee.

    Advisor: Robert Gonzalez
  • Under Water Diving Club

    Our Purpose: Working to protect the Ocean while also introducing Diving.

    Advisor: Jason Wang
  • Womens Robotic Club

    Our Purpose: Empowering young women in the field of Robotics.

    Advisor: Miguel Alemna