Student Clubs and Organizations provide a place for our students to be involved in activities of their own interests that are organized by peers and overseen by faculty.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and Organizations at Maranatha serve to develop students as whole persons – offering opportunities for community service, leadership training, and cultivating interpersonal skills. Eligibility for any extracurricular program associated with Maranatha High School is conditioned upon satisfactory academic and behavioral performance and is subject to the club and/or organization guidelines for membership.

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  • Ambassador Club

    PurposeServe Maranatha by supporting the Admissions office.
  • Anime Club

    PurposeThis club's purpose is to bring the world of anime to a broader community for their enjoyment.
  • Architecture Club

    PurposeDedicated to advance leadership, design, and service among architecture students.
  • ASL Club

    Purpose: To appreciate the culture of American sign language.
  • Badminton Club

    Purpose: A chance to learn and play badminton.
  • Be the Change Club

    PurposeComplete God’s mission for us. Connect passions and impact our world.
  • Board Games

    PurposeGather together to have fun and enjoy board games together.
  • California Scholarship Federation

    Purpose: Encourage academic achievement and community service.
  • Coding and Electronics

    PurposeDiscuss Arduino and engineering together.
  • Comic Book Club

    PurposeSharing ideas about favorite comic books.
  • Creative Writing Club

    Purpose: We exist as a way for young scholars to express their creativity through their writing.
  • English Club

    Purpose: To create a friendly environment for members to gather and discuss the English language.
  • Environmental Awareness Club

    PurposeGet students and the community to be more aware of environmental problems.
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    PurposeTo connect those with an interest in Business through speakers and events.
  • Future Hollywood

    PurposeTo make movies to inspire people and foster a deeper relationship between classmates.
  • Girl Up

    PurposeCreate a delegation at Maranatha which aims to empower young women in our community.
  • Helping Hands

    PurposeCreate an interest in helping orphanages.
  • Hispanic Honors Society

    PurposeTo recognize high achievement in Spanish courses.
  • Honors Math Club

    PurposeTo discover the beauty of Math and to help students do better in math and science.
  • Hope for Humanity

    PurposeFocused on serving the homeless community around us in Pasadena.
  • Jazz Club

    PurposeTo enhance creativity and skill within the genre of Jazz music.
  • Junior State of America (JSA)

    PurposeEngage Maranatha Students in the American Political process.
  • K - Pop Club

    PurposeTo spread the K Pop culture to the world.
  • Life Group

    PurposeGrow in God.
  • Life Skills

    PurposeLearning skills to apply in your life. Helping to make life less stressful.
  • Magic Club

    PurposeTo encourage and promote student interest in magic.
  • Maranatha Military Club “Paintball”

    PurposeA place to encourage students with interests in military situations.
  • Marvel Club

    PurposeGather those that are interested in the Marvel Universe.
  • MIT Launch Club

    PurposeImprovements for leadership based on the MIT Program.
  • National Honor Society

    Purpose: Recognize distinguished Maranatha students and provide service opportunities.
  • News Club

    PurposeLooking deeper at news and how that relates to our worldview.
  • Philosophy Club

    PurposeChallenge the students in the way they think.
  • Photography Club

    PurposeTake photos and improve photography skills.
  • Science Club

    PurposeTo take part in the JPL Regional Science Bowl, to Compete in the LA County Science Olympiad; and to train students to do Scientific Research Projects.
  • Shepherd's Club

    PurposeTo empower the students with confidence, respect, and discipline.
  • Speech and Debate

    PurposeTo guide the students to grow in this critical area.
  • Sports Medicine Club

    PurposeWorking to grow in the application and understanding of sports medicine.
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    PurposeTo glorify God and build a relationship with him by our actions in Frisbee and having fun together.
  • Video Game Club

    PurposeTo play games and provide a meeting place for the community.
  • World Culture Club

    PurposeTo educate celebrate and deliberate the various cultures that make up our world and Maranatha HS.
  • YAF

    PurposeTo share about different political ideologies.