Student Clubs and Organizations provide a place for our students to be involved in activities of their own interests that are organized by peers and overseen by faculty.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and Organizations at Maranatha serve to develop students as whole persons – offering opportunities for community service, leadership training, and cultivating interpersonal skills. Eligibility for any extracurricular program associated with Maranatha High School is conditioned upon satisfactory academic and behavioral performance and is subject to the club and/or organization guidelines for membership.

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  • Ambassador Club

    PurposeServe Maranatha by supporting the Admissions office.

    Advisor: Mrs. Rachel Ponton '09

  • Art Club

    Purpose: To help those who want to learn more about art.

    Advisor: Mrs. Kay Rouse
  • ASL Club

    PurposeTo appreciate the culture of American sign language and practice the use of it.

    Advisor: Mrs. Devan Douglass '09
  • Badminton Club

    PurposeA chance to learn and play badminton.

    Advisor: Mr. Philip Chew
  • Black Student Union

    Purpose: Celebrate African American Culture.

    Advisor: Ms. Alexandra Brown, Mr. Justin Riddle '05, and Mr. Mike Mancini 
  • Bowling Club

    PurposeCreate a place to hang out and build community while having fun together.

    Advisor: Dr. James Layton
  • Brawl Star Club

    PurposeA place for those with Gaming interests.

    Advisor: Mr. Tim Latuno
  • California Scholarship Federation

    PurposeEncourage academic achievement and community service.

    Advisor: Mrs. Kerry Roche
  • Cartoon Club

    PurposeA place for people who appreciate animation to come together.

    Advisor: Mrs. Kay Rouse
  • Coding and Electronics

    PurposeDiscuss Arduino and engineering.

    Advisor: Mr. Tim Latuno
  • Creative Writing Club

    PurposeFacilitate an environment for literacy creativity.

    Advisor: Mr. Matt Ketterling
  • Digital Drawing and Design Club

    PurposeTo bring those interested in the digital arts together.

    Advisor: Mr. Tim Latuno
  • Easy Breezy Beautiful Club

    PurposeTo knit caps for those in the hospital.
  • Fencing Club (off campus)

    PurposeTo promote the Olympic sport of Fencing.

    Advisor: Mr. Jimmy Duke
  • Flight Simulator Club

    PurposeHaving fun with Flight Simulator.

    Advisor: Mr. Miguel Almena
  • Food Society

    PurposePromote a healthy food lifestyle for young adults.

    Advisor: Ms. Cheryl Dixon
  • Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA)

    PurposeGet students and the community to be more excited about Business and Finance.

    Advisor: Mr. Mike Mancini
  • Future Environmentalists of America Club

    Purpose: Enjoy our environment.

    Advisor: Annie Chun
  • Giving Children Hope

    PurposeCommunity Service.

    Advisor: Mr. Greg Parker
  • Hispanic Honors Society

    PurposePromote the study of the Spanish Language and the culture of Hispanic countries and recognize high achievement in Spanish courses.

    Advisor: Ms. Alba Breitenbucher
  • Hope for Humanity

    PurposeFocused on serving the homeless community around us in Pasadena.

    Advisor: Ms. Monica Chan
  • Improv Club

    Purpose: A place to have fun with Improv games and learn to think fast.

    Advisor: Mr. Justin Riddle '05 
  • Lacrosse Club

    PurposeIntroduce people to Lacrosse.

    Advisor: Mr. Philip Chew
  • Light Club

    PurposeSpread hope throughout the MHS community. Let God’s light shine through our projects.

    Advisor: Mrs. Kay Rouse
  • Make a Difference Club

    PurposeGive back to the community while coming together as a community.

    Advisor: Mr. Greg Parker
  • Math Club

    PurposeExplore Math.

    Advisor: Ms. Monica Chan
  • Medical Health Science Club

    PurposePractice medical skills and discuss current topics of interest.

    Advisor: Mr. Dan Newkirk '97
  • Mental Health Awareness Club

    PurposeRaise awareness of mental challenges.

    Advisor: Mr. Jason Wang
  • Mosaic Club

    PurposeCreating a safe place for students to talk about faith.

    Advisor: Mrs. Carrie Arcos
  • National Honor Society

    Purpose: Recognize distinguished Maranatha students and provide service opportunities Peer Tutoring program Mondays and Wednesdays 3:15 p.m. to 4:30 p.m.

    Advisor: Ms. Dianna Fowler 

  • Origami Club

    PurposeFocuses on techniques to fold paper.

    Advisor: Mr. Roberto Ramirez
  • Ping Pong Club

    PurposeHave fun playing ping pong.
  • Robotic Club

    PurposeCultivate students' creativity.
  • Save the Wave Club

    PurposeBring awareness to the condition of the ocean.

    Advisor: Mr. Jason Wang
  • Science Club

    PurposePlace to explore science.

    Advisor: Mr. Dan Newkirk '97
  • Société Honoraire De Français

    PurposeTo promote the French Language and Culture.

    Advisor: Ms. Dianna Fowler
  • Spikeball Club

    PurposeTeach Spikeball to people.

    Advisor: Mr. Nathan McAlesse
  • Sports Medicine Club

    PurposeGain a basic understanding of Athletic Training.

    Advisor: Ms. Alicia Vessey '09
  • Sports Talk Club

    PurposeTalk about sports.

    Advisor: Mr. Lee Noble
  • Stitches for Stitches

    PurposeFundraise for Doctors without borders.

    Advisor: Mr. Matt Ketterling
  • Ukulele Club

    PurposeHave fun with the Ukulele.

    Advisor: Ms. Diane Barnhart
  • Ultimate Frisbee Club

    PurposePlay frisbee.

    Advisor: Mr. Ed Newkirk
  • Underwater Club

    Purpose: Learn about diving.

    Advisor: Mr. Jason Wang
  • Video Game Club

    Purpose: Have fun with video games.

    Advisor: Mr. Tim Latuno
  • Women’s Fellowship Club

    Purpose: Build our relationship with God.

    Advisor: Mrs. Kerry Roche