Student Clubs and Organizations provide a place for our students to be involved in activities of their own interests that are organized by peers and overseen by faculty.

Student Clubs & Organizations

Clubs and Organizations at Maranatha serve to develop students as whole persons – offering opportunities for community service, leadership training, and cultivating interpersonal skills. Eligibility for any extracurricular program associated with Maranatha High School is conditioned upon satisfactory academic and behavioral performance and is subject to the club and/or organization guidelines for membership.

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  • Adulting 101

    The Purpose of this club is to help young people transition into independent adulthood where they can thrive and be ready for anything (social events, finances, etc.). 

    Advisor: Erika Turnquist
  • Ambassador Club

    The purpose of the Ambassador Club is to serve Maranatha High School by supporting the Admissions Office. The club’s goal is
    to assist prospective student applicants to determine if Maranatha is the appropriate school for them. You may be asked to do things such as give tours, pass out name tags, direct visitor traffic for special events, attend Ambassador bonding events and activities, and above all, be flexible and committed in availability and service. Ambassador Club Leaders will represent Maranatha High School with a Christ-like attitude and a servant’s heart.

    Advisor: Rachel Ponton '09
  • American Sign Language (ASL) Club

    Our Purpose: We aim to educate the campus with the ASL language and Deaf culture. We hope to inspire our signers to close the language barrier while doing it with God's love. 

    Advisor: Devan Douglass
  • Animals in Need

    Our Purpose: This club is organized to help God's living creation. We are planning to serve others and especially in regards to animal humane societies, wildlife organizations, and where we see animals in need.

    Advisor: Kay Rouse
  • Armenian Student Association

    Our Purpose: We exist to bring the Armenian diaspora and those who are interested in the culture together to socialize, learn about historic and current events, and bring awareness to the community about our culture. We also look forward to collaborating in a diverse society with our community at large. 

    Advisor: Serene Babikian '16
  • Asian Student Association

    Our Purpose: To create a space for Asian students at Maranatha to come together and celebrate their culture and race. The club is not exclusive to Asian students, but we will focus on our Asian students and facilitate conversations about Asian identity development in Maranatha, the US, and the world.

    Advisor: Jason Wang
  • Badminton Club

    Our Purpose: 1. Offer students a chance to play Badminton with each other after school. 2. Provide a way for students to exercise and release pressure. 3. Learn a new sport.

    Advisor: Philip Chew
  • Black Student Union (BSU)

    Our Purpose: The Black Student Union seeks to provide a safe space on campus where black students can feel encouraged and challenged. We welcome all students and want to collaborate to make our school and community a better, more inclusive place. 

    Advisor: Alexandra Brown
  • California Scholarship Federation (CSF)

    Our Purpose: The California Scholarship Federation chapter at MHS works to address the needs of those in our community through student leadership and dedicated service. Within MHS, CSF nurtures the hearts of MHS servant leaders to become more like Christ, the ultimate servant leader, who himself was dedicated to showing love to all those around him. Through CSF service projects, which cover a broad spectrum of community needs, students become more aware of how they can lead, love, and serve their community. 

    Advisor: Kerry Roche
  • Cartoon Club

    Our Purpose: We exist to appreciate, study, and discuss the many mediums of animation and how creators express themselves and touch others through this gift. 

    Advisor: Kay Rouse
  • Chinese Student Fellowship & Culture Club

    Our Purpose: The club’s objective is to spread the gospel by creating an accepting atmosphere that’s open for testimonies and questions regarding Christianity for the Chinese students. We also hope to form a supportive community that would embrace the Chinese culture and provide care for the Chinese students.

    Advisor: Monica Chan
  • Computer Science Competition Club

    Our Purpose: The purpose of this class is to gain knowledge in computer science, to find useful ways to solve problems, to participate in USACO (USA Computing Olympiad), and to participate in other fun hackathons for high school students. 

    Advisor: Ted Yu
  • Drama Club

    Our Purpose: We wish to celebrate the many aspects of theater by strengthening our improv skills, training for acting competitions, and creating student-led productions. We welcome everyone from brand new theater lovers to hardcore theater nerds. With us, it’s ok to be dramatic! 

    Advisor: Taylor Wesselman '10