Research-Backed Program

All students that struggle with learning, need direct guidance, or simply want oversight and extra support are welcome to utilize the program regardless of their learning differences or disability.

Our research-backed program is modeled after college support systems to best prepare students for independent success. Each year, students are guided through best practices for supporting their learning differences with the goal of developing greater degrees of self-advocacy and academic ownership.

Equip Students with Strategies

The LAP at Maranatha is not a special needs program and we are unable to offer academic modifications. However, we can provide any therapist-recommended accommodations along with academic guidance, intervention, and direct support for students with learning differences. The program also administers testing accommodations in the classroom as well as College Board accommodations for the PSAT, SAT, and AP tests.

Our students have had great success in improving failing classes and maintaining high grades, developing confidence and growth mindsets along the way. Program graduates have been accepted to top colleges and research universities, equipped with the strategies and support systems needed to succeed.

This program is provided at an additional cost above annual tuition. The fees are $750 per semester for the full program, or $375 per semester for the Watch & Consult program.
For questions or further clarification, please contact Richard Huynh, Learning Assistance Program Coordinator.

The LAP Provides

  • Therapist-recommended accommodations
  • College Board accommodations for the PSAT, SAT, and AP tests
  • Direct teaching of best study practices
  • Writing instruction and feedback
  • Detailed biweekly progress reports
  • Goal setting
  • Humanities tutoring
  • STEM tutoring network
  • Academic guidance and counseling
  • Teaching self-advocacy
  • Communication strategies
  • A liaison between students, teachers, and parents
The Learning Assistance Program (LAP) at Maranatha believes that each student is fearfully and wonderfully made. To honor this diversity, we offer a structured college preparatory support system for students with learning differences in our surrounding community.