We are grateful for the many friends, alumni, parents and family members who generously provide additional resources to undergird our life-transforming mission. Your gifts provide budget relieving support that is sourced through our school’s Annual Giving Program.
“The Maranatha Experience” is a distinguished college preparatory education established within an intentional Christ-revering context. Since 1964, our mission to provide this experience to all qualified students has brought continual blessing of tremendous growth and expansion to our school. With such blessings of growth, and our commitment to maintain affordability and quality, comes the need for ongoing support through charitable giving.

Gifts made to the Maranatha Fund help our students to be Students of Christ, Intentional Learners, Skilled Communicators, and Invested Citizens, while providing access to Maranatha's transformational experience to students who cannot afford to attend.

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    Challenged to be Christ's disciples

    Faculty quality and retention are paramount to guiding and discipling students.

    Maranatha is committed to offer teacher salaries that are competitive with area public high schools.

    Our faculty are mission-driven and desire to stay at MHS. Maranatha’s leadership wants to assure teachers do not have to make the difficult choice to teach elsewhere in order to support their families.

    Growing in knowledge

    The benefits of Technology in Education include:
    • Prepares students for future careers
    • Helps support different learning styles
    • Provides opportunities for collaboration
    • Enhances the learning experience and access to information
    • Helps students stay engaged

    Individually known and committed to community

    Athletics and the Arts engage the largest number of students on campus with over 75% participating each year.

    MHS invests over $800,000 in these programs each year, often supporting programs with as few as 15-20 students so everyone has a place to belong in our community.

    to the Maranatha experience for those students who cannot afford to attend

    Nearly 45% of Maranatha students receive some tuition assistance.

    "We give to the Maranatha Fund because we love Maranatha High School! We treasure this safe community where our sons can learn how to walk on God's path with the help of school leaders, teachers and coaches." Katy Tu Lin & Jack Lin '94, sons Ryan '22, Kyran '25, and Bryan

Your Gift Matters

For nearly sixty years, Maranatha has stood together with parents, alumni, parents of alumni, grandparents, and friends with the commitment and belief that our youth deserve a transformational, Christ-revering, Christ-centered college preparatory education.

Thanks to the generous gifts of many parents, alumni, and our entire community, we are able to sustain the life changing experience of Maranatha High School and maintain the highest standards of excellence across all programs so our students can fulfill their potential. Your gifts directly impact students, faculty, programs, and facilities at Maranatha.
*Once needs are met in any given area, the Board of Trustees reserves the right to direct funds for use in other areas of need.

Advancement Office

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  • Photo of Matt Ketterling

    Matt Ketterling Ph.D. 

    Associate Dean, Office of Head of School
  • Wayne Herron 

    Chief Advancement Officer
  • Photo of Geoff Hurte

    Geoff Hurte 

    Director of Marketing, Communications, & Community Relations
  • Photo of Nicole Camonte

    Nicole Camonte 

    Events Coordinator
  • Photo of Matthew McNeil

    Matthew McNeil '09 

    Alumni Engagement & Social Media Coordinator
  • Photo of Lori Smith

    Lori Smith 

    Advancement & Database Coordinator

Other Designated Gifts

Contributions of cash, gifts-in-kind, and appreciated assets may also be given to fund mutually agreed upon projects that help expand our mission and advance our priorities.

There are many companies with “Matching Gift Programs” for employees who make contributions to a school. This is a wonderful way to instantly double or triple your contributions to Maranatha. Contact the Development Office or check with your company’s Human Resources department about this charitable opportunity.