The Technology, Integration, Learning, Environment (TILE) Lab features three new high-tech classrooms: Coding/Robotics Center, Creative/Design Center, and the Maker Space. These centers utilize different types of creativity and technology.

Coding Robotics features:

  • PC laptop computers for Computer Science classes and applications

Creative/Design Center features:

  • 25 iMac workstations for Graphic Design and Photography

Maker Space (Central Hub) features:

  • Seven 3D printers, a high-speed dual laser cutter, a virtual reality (VR) creation area, and a robotics competition field
In the spring of 2019, Dave Martinez's '04 British Literature class finished reading Mary Shelley's Frankenstein. Mr. Martinez said, "In order to step into the role of Victor Frankenstein to gain greater insight into the wonders of technological progress as well as the dangers of a world without ethics, I asked my students to design their own 'creation' using TinkerCAD, a browser-based, computer-assisted drawing program." Through the program's features, students were able to create 3D models of their human-like creation based on the descriptions from Mary Shelley's Frankenstein and export the files for 3D printing using the TILE Lab's Maker Bot Replicator+. Mr. Martinez continued, "I compiled some of the videos and images I asked my students to create during the design process for the 3D Printing and Mary Shelley's Frankenstein project and also attached images of some of the 3D artifacts printed. I'm impressed with what my students have been able to accomplish and proud of their results."

The goal of the TILE Lab is to not only design and create really awesome models, apps, and robots, but to actually use the model creation as a tool to enhance our students’ education and prepare them for opportunities in the future. Maranatha’s TILE Lab focuses on the principles of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Fusing these principles together aims to help activate entrepreneurialism in our students.

As a school that serves a creative God, we are privileged to be able to design and create items, and not just use mass-produced. We desire to focus our energy to be the tastemakers and culture shapers by utilizing technology to help make those ideas possible. Our Creator gave us the passion to create and the TILE Lab will help spark that imagination of childhood again. Maranatha is a college preparatory high school, and as such, we should be ahead of the curve as to what’s coming next.

In a very competitive world that is getting highly technological with each passing day, Maranatha students will develop the skills of STEM through the usage of the TILE Lab. We want to equip our students for not only college but for the jobs of the future. We’re training young adults to become the ones who create, implement, and manage the technology and systems of tomorrow.

Time Lapse Video of 3D Printing for Frankenstein Project

    • TIle Lab: Coding/Robotics

    • Tile Lab: Maker Space

    • Tile Lab: Creative/Design Center