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Working at Maranatha will give you an opportunity to become part of one of the finest college preparatory, Christian high schools in the area. The successful candidate will not only possess the requisite academic and spiritual preparation but also have a passion for affecting the lives of young people for Jesus Christ. We invite you to be a part of an exciting ministry at Maranatha High School.

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Positions Available

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    The Dance Teacher/Director is the primary person responsible for all dance education and performances on campus. The Dance Teacher/Director is required to facilitate dance instruction in all pertinent dance styles through an established curriculum and provide assessment of student outcomes in regard to participation and achievement. The Dance Teacher/Director is also expected to be part of the creative team that produces all dance and dance-related performances. Teachers are a critical component of the success of Maranatha High School and each individual student, and are expected to comply with the job duties and expectations set forth below or as assigned by School Administration from time to time.


    The MarCom Coordinator will assist with the execution of effective marketing communications and advancement goals. This position plans and implements programs and events designed to involve parents, students, employees, alumni, and attract internal and external community engagement and support for Maranatha High School (MHS). This position will also coordinate, cultivate, and manage many aspects of the school’s communications program, which includes branding and image management, internal and external multi-channel communications, and community relations. The Coordinator will plan and implement multiple school events and create an effective strategy to engage constituents.

Core Subject (CS) Applications

English ~ Mathematics ~ Arts ~ Physical Education ~ Natural Sciences ~ History and Social Studies ~ Theology ~ Modern Languages ~ TILE Computer Science

DISCLOSURE: By completing an application for MHS's Core Subjects, you are aware that there is not a current opening in your preferred subject area at this time. Once completed, your application will remain on file. Should a position become available, your application will be reviewed at that time and you will be contacted with a status update once the review is complete.

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Human Resources

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    Lori Diamond 

    Director of Human Resources
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    Jennifer Yamamoto 

    Human Resources Generalist


Tim Veltkamp:

I have been associated with Maranatha since the spring semester of 2015 when I was a college intern. This eventually led to being hired as an English teacher by fall 2016. The past three years of teaching at Maranatha has been, not only a blessing, but a privilege. What makes Maranatha stand out from other schools I have interacted with is the community of teachers that I get to work with every day. They have become my friends, my supporters, and my mentors. The way that the faculty interacts with students shows authentic, Christ-like care and love that continues faithfully day in and day out.

Kimi Nahigian:

I have worked as a faculty member at Maranatha for eight years, and during that time I have worked as a math teacher, volleyball coach, softball coach, and currently as the Educational Technology Specialist. The best part about my job is the relationships that I have the opportunity to form with students and colleagues. I love helping students reach the "Aha I get it!" moment in math and seeing how God has gifted each and every one of our students. The friendships that I have formed with faculty are a daily blessing and it is an understatement to say that I LOVE coming to work here!
It is the policy and practice of Maranatha High School not to discriminate in the admission of students and/or hiring of employees on the basis of an individual’s race, color, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, disability, sex, or age.