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Performing and Visual Arts

The arts are an adaptive necessity as well as one of the best ways mankind has found to express his/her inner life.  Therefore, the visual and performing arts are essential to a secondary educational program, especially one that seeks to teach students to demonstrate lives of Christian distinction and purpose.  The two overall objectives, therefore, for visual and performing arts at Maranatha High School are to provide a common understanding, and appreciation of the power and necessity of visual and performing arts to all students. And for those who have discovered that visual and/or performing arts is their passion and calling, to prepare them for a lifetime of practicing ones calling with excellence, according to an informed and responsible Christian worldview.

Performing and Visual Arts Department

List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Julia Heins

    Julia Heins 

    Visual Arts Chair
    626-817-4000 x1933
  • Photo of Diane Barnhart

    Diane Barnhart 

    Visual Arts Faculty
    626-817-4000 x1905
  • Photo of Chaim Diesto

    Chaim Diesto '00 

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  • Photo of Laurel Peabody

    Laurel Peabody '11 

    Performing Arts Chair
  • Photo of James Duke

    James Duke 

    Visual Arts Faculty
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  • Photo of Adam Rupp

    Adam Rupp 

    Performing Arts Faculty
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