College Counseling

The mission of the College & Guidance Counseling Department is to nurture, guide and advocate for our students and families as they prepare for college, career, and life after high school.

    ♦   Counselors begin your college plan the day you register and will work with you through graduation  
    ♦   Students are accepted to top schools such as Yale, USC, Dartmouth, Cal Tech, UC Berkeley, New York University, Carnegie Melon, Rhode Island School of Design, and Emerson, as well as excellent Christian schools such as Wheaton, Baylor, and Calvin College.  (click HERE for a list of recent college acceptances)  
    ♦   MHS alumni are not only book smart but also have the propensity to change the world  


Even before the first year of attendance at Maranatha High School, a personal four-year academic plan is developed in preparation for four-year colleges and universities. This four-year plan gives students and families a road map of which courses will make them eligible and highly competitive for various categories of colleges and universities. Each year, this four-year plan will be revisited with students and families to ensure adequate preparation. Additionally, our College Counseling Office provides evening workshops for parents and students of each class to walk families through the process on an annual basis and ensure they are meeting their goals along the way.

Counselors also set up college planning sessions with students individually each year to review the student’s academic profile, community service, and test scores and assist in the identification of specific schools where admissions applications will be submitted. Maranatha views the college process as more of a "match to be made" than a "prize to be won". Each student is unique and will identify the college that best fits their educational and career desires and personality.

Our 1:1 iPad program allows for numerous avenues to communicate with students and parents on academic progress, assessments, homework, and more. In addition to the enhancements provided by the eLearning program, Maranatha is also proud to feature the myMHS portal for our families. The myMHS portal is an Internet-based program that allows parents and students to access progress reports that are updated weekly, homework, along with a variety of other features.



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