Leaving a Legacy with A Senior Record

by: Julianna O’Malley '18
With the end of the year quickly approaching, talk has spread through the senior class about what to do for the infamous Senior Prank.

With the end of the year quickly approaching, talk has spread through the senior class about what to do for the infamous Senior Prank. With past years being problematic for a variety of reasons, a new concept has arisen regarding the Seniors’ final chance at leaving their mark. ASB decided to take on the proposal of one student, Gonçalo Sousa, to do something that the school has never done before- get themselves in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The Senior Prank has always been something that students anticipate, and the faculty dreads. Every year, however, the prank tends to fall flat. Either some aspect of the prank gets the students in trouble (like the infamous cleaner debacle from two years ago), or they go entirely unnoticed. Senior Gonçalo Sousa noticed this problem and determined to rework it, and eventually came up with the concept of having the Senior Class do a Senior Record to create a more impactful and positive experience for both the students and the faculty. And seniors have had a generally positive reaction to the proposal.

Most of the seniors who were interviewed noted the past conflict between the students and the administration in past years. Senior Josiah Rojas said, when presented the concept of the Senior Record, that, “That's a good idea, because senior pranks haven't gone all that well in the past. They've always been shot down by the administration in the past for various reasons, so it doesn't leave us with many options. But I don't see them having any problem with this!” Many students opinions were along these same lines. Other students also expressed their appreciation of the lasting impact that a Senior Record would have. Senior Dylan Gomez said, “I think that's an awesome idea! It really shows how our class is leaving their mark on Maranatha history.” With all this positive feedback, ASB has submitted their proposal, with the help of Gonçalo Sousa, to the Guinness Book of World Records with the hopes of fulfilling the record during Spring Spirit Week. The record ASB choose to break is the Longest Highlighter Chain in the World, with the current record standing at 250 feet. If each Senior were to bring in a box of highlighters, the record could easily be broken, and then the highlighters could be put back into the school.

For students who were really attached to the idea of a Senior Prank, ASB wanted it to be known that the Record idea was not in lieu of a Senior Prank, but rather just a new ASB-sponsored event. So while a prank may happen, the school is anticipating big things from this new idea.