Thank you for your interest in Maranatha High School!

Working at Maranatha will give you an opportunity to become part of one of the finest college preparatory, Christian high schools in the area. The successful candidate will not only possess the requisite academic and spiritual preparation but also have a passion for affecting the lives of young people for Jesus Christ. We invite you to be a part of an exciting ministry at Maranatha High School.

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Positions Available

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  • Dean of Academics

    Dean of Academics

    Full-Time Position

    The Dean of Academics provides leadership and support for the instructional staff to ensure achievement of the school’s educational objectives. Major responsibilities include: Assist the Principal in the development and maintenance of proper and current administrative procedures; hiring of new faculty and staff; Oversee new teacher orientation and support; supervise, train, and evaluate faculty and staff as designated by the Principal: Participate in the accreditation process, ensure compliance with additional educational standards/requirements, keep informed of new developments in the field of education and implement changes, compile and disseminate report data to inform educational decisions. The Dean of Academics works with the leadership team to create a positive environment that favors college preparatory learning, facilitates change to create a blended learning atmosphere, and assures that the faculty maintains a positive customer service relationship with MHS parents/guardians.

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  • Teaching Positions

    Science Lab Technician  Part-time

    The Teacher is the primary person in the classroom to present instruction of course content, facilitate learning opportunities and assess student participation and achievement. Teachers are a critical component of the success of Maranatha High School and each individual student, and are expected to comply with the job duties and expectations set forth or as assigned by School Administration.

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  • Assistant Coaching Positions

    Assistant Football Varsity Coach

    Maranatha is seeking Assistant Coaches with a dynamic Christian testimony and passionate commitment to our mission. Maranatha's coaches will be instrumental in fostering student personal growth and development both on and off the field.

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  • Substitute Teachers

    Substitute Teachers  Continuous recruiting for part time positions

    To help achieve our vision, Maranatha is seeking Substitute teachers with a dynamic Christian testimony and passionate commitment to the highest quality of Christian Education. Strong substitutes will be instrumental in supporting our faculty in helping fulfill our potential as a benchmark Christian educational center providing excellent college preparatory education in the most vibrant Christ-revering contexts possible.

    All candidates should be experienced, creative and compassionate visionary leaders, able to relate to faculty, staff, parents, students, and alumni, as well as the community at large. Candidates must also demonstrate the skill and wisdom to lead Maranatha’s students in a context of continuous quality improvement integrating faith and learning in a meaningful and measurable framework.This position may include the opportunity to cross-train to cover for administrative support staff on a limited basis, as needed.

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Core Subject (CS) Applications

English ~ Math ~ Performing Arts ~ Physical Education ~ Science ~ Social Studies ~ Theology ~ Visual Arts ~ World Languages

By completing an application for MHS's Core Subjects, you are aware that there is not a current opening in your preferred subject area at this time. Once completed, your application will remain on file. Should a position become available, your application will be reviewed at that time and you will be contacted with a status update once the review is complete.

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Human Resources

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Dr. Matt Ketterling
I taught at Maranatha High School for a couple of years back in the mid-2000’s, and I’m happy to be in my third year back at the school. I teach within the Science and Theology Departments. Our hope is that the whole student—mind, body, and soul—would be impacted by attending Maranatha. But the same goal is true for our faculty and staff as well. There is something deeply satisfying about being a part of a faculty that genuinely cares, not only for our students, but for each other as well. 

Kimi Nahigian ‘08
I have worked as a faculty member at Maranatha High School for eight years as a math teacher, volleyball coach, softball coach, and currently as the Educational Technology Specialist. The best part about working at Maranatha is the relationships that I have had the wonderful opportunity to form both with students and colleagues. I love seeing how God has gifted each and every one of our students. The friendships that I have formed with faculty are a daily blessing and it is an understatement to say that I LOVE coming to work at Maranatha!   
It is the policy and practice of Maranatha High School not to discriminate in the admission of students and/or hiring of employees on the basis of an individual’s race, color, ethnicity, national origin, marital status, disability, sex, or age.