Restructuring of Maranatha’s College Counseling Department

The College Counseling Department at Maranatha High School has been restructured to help better serve our college preparatory students and their families.
Maranatha’s college counselors understand that college selection, application, and admission is an individual process of self-discovery, God’s gift, and unique experiences for each of Maranatha’s students.

Mike Bell, Director of College Counseling, shared, “The Maranatha High School College Counselors, in partnership with the Advisory Group leaders, are prepared to assist you in the configuration of your optimal four-year plan and will provide informed direction. Within the structure and rigor of a college preparatory education, it is the hope that each Maranatha High School student will be dedicated to pursuing excellence in all areas of life.”

The restructuring of the College Counseling Department is characterized by Maranatha’s care and concern for the students spiritual and intellectual development, all while reflecting God’s glory. The department has customized their approach to college counseling and advisement. Emphasizing student to counselor ratio, personalized attention, and college application support, the college counselors will help guide each student, beginning in their junior year, in researching and establishing appropriate colleges for consideration and application. The college counselors will work with all juniors and their parents/guardians to begin to identify the “best fit” colleges for their child’s academic and personal needs and preferences.

Mr. Bell says, “Individualized attention will allow a student to ‘be known,’ can uniquely help to demystify the college application process, and ultimately help students and families make informed and responsible decisions. As a department, we are committed to helping students find their right match so that they can continue to develop their social, physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual self.”