Maranatha’s Theology Department is Now UC-Approved

We are pleased to announce that our entire Theology curriculum is now UC-approved! 
Our entire Theology curriculum at Maranatha High School has been approved by the University of California's accreditation system for elective English or Social Science credit. This change means that starting this fall, all of our Theology courses will be recognized for academic credit. Student transcripts will now be even more competitive as they will reflect not only great depth in Biblical Studies and Theology, but also extensive work in English and the Social Sciences. Through partnering with Dr. James Layton and our Theology faculty, we have created a track that is recognized for its challenging academics while still developing the spiritual lives, theological understanding, and biblical literacy of our students. Currently, Maranatha High School offers a core Biblical Studies curriculum as well as electives like Literature and Theology, Christian Ethics, and Theology and the Arts, in order to produce Christian leaders of the highest caliber.