Two Regional High Schools Visit Maranatha

Santa Clarita Christian High School and Whittier Christian High School came to MHS to learn about iPad usage in the classroom.
On April 25, the Dean of Faculty and teachers from both schools came to Maranatha to visit, and to learn from Dr. Rocio Watkins, Maranatha’s Dean of Academics, and our Information and Technology Department about the implementation of the usage of iPads in our classrooms.

Our 1:1 iPad program has been very successful as it caters to the different needs of our students based on their individual learning styles. The eLearning program allows students to be fully engrossed in their learning as most apps and software are interactive and engaging. These apps and software are also able to provide immediate feedback and evaluations for students.

Maranatha is indeed the pioneer for implementing iPads in our classrooms and has set a benchmark for our community.