Maranatha’s Director of Operations Keeps Our Campus Running Smoothly

Come meet the Director of Operations and Facilities who helps to organize and oversee the daily operations of Maranatha High School.
In this series, we have been introducing each of our hardworking and dedicated faculty and staff departments. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talented people God has brought to our school, and to give readers a little insight into each department, its members, and the calling the Lord has placed on their lives. We hope these features give you an even greater appreciation for our staff and the ways they enrich our students’ lives and help make Maranatha High School a Christ-centered and welcoming community.


Gil Dominguez (Director of Operations and Facilities)

Gil has worked for Maranatha High School for four years, but he has been on the campus for five years, starting with the Off Duty Officers (ODO), our contract security service, as their site supervisor. Gil, who has had a variety of jobs in his life, strongly feels that being at Maranatha is one of the most rewarding. He said, “My responsibilities include facilities operations, kitchen staff, transportation, contracted security and facilities maintenance staff. I enjoy working with these sections and all the Maranatha staff and faculty. But what I enjoy most is the amount of work my position requires because it is diverse and constant.”

Gil strongly believes that our Lord brought him to Maranatha. “My journey began after I retired from the Pasadena Police Department in 2003. In 2013, I received an email from the Pasadena Police Officers Association that a Security Site Supervisor was needed at Maranatha. The timing could not have been better. I was familiar with Maranatha from my years with the Pasadena Police Department. I contacted the Off Duty Officers at Maranatha and was immediately hired. After one year of serving with ODO, I was asked if I would be interested in the Director of Operations and Facilities position. I shared my interest and understood the opportunity in accepting the offer.”

Every morning, Gil wakes up excited to come to work at Maranatha. As the Director of Operations and Facilities, Gil would like to continue in making sure that Maranatha is a safe and beautiful campus for our students, staff, faculty, and families, as well as to maintain the infrastructure and improve the overall campus appearance.

Quirky Fact: “I enjoy being goofy, which is rarely seen at work. I certainly let my hair down at home. For fun, I am a classic and vintage car enthusiast, and a proud owner of three vintage vehicles.”