The Votes Have Been Tallied, and Your 2018-2019 ASB Winners Are...

On Tuesday, March 20, Maranatha students joined their respectives freshman, sophomore, and junior grades to listen to speeches and vote for fellow classmates in the Associated Student Body (ASB) elections.
The ASB is an integral part of the student community at Maranatha High School. ASB officers are elected each year by the students to represent them in various school-related events. ASB officers are placed in our ASB Leadership class which provides training for these student leaders. In addition, the ASB officers meet with their advisor to discuss school spirit, school activities, and student concerns.

Also, members of the Class of 2022 will be holding their freshman class ASB elections in September. Freshman interested in developing leadership skills and serving Maranatha should run for an ASB position. Details on how to run for office will be announced in school at the start of the 2018-2019 school year.

Maranatha High School’s new ASB leaders of the 2018-2019 school year are:

  • ASB President: Elaine Babikian
  • ASB Directors of Inreach/Outreach: Henry Witherspoon and Maddie Bove
  • ASB Directors of Marketing: Sam Dunn, Danny Walsh, and Leannah Barreto
  • ASB Directors of Media: Ally Wei, Shannon Warren, and Elsie Wang
  • ASB International Liaisons: Allan Sun and Andy Chen
  • ASB Athletic Liaisons: Kylia Dominoe and Matthew Leiva
  • ASB Performing Arts Liaison: Emily Chaparian
  • 12th Grade Class, President: Matthew Rutzen
  • 12th Grade Class, Vice President: Nick Camonte
  • 11th Grade Class, President: Emily Rajewski
  • 11th Grade Class, Vice President: Shelby Osborne
  • 10th Grade Class, President: Haely Parada
  • 10th Grade Class, Vice President: Hannah Whyley
A huge CONGRATULATIONS to all those students who were elected to represent their fellow students in the upcoming school year!