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Maranatha’s Athletic Department Helping Develop Student-Athletes’ Academic and Athletic Potential

Come meet the Athletic Department who believe in providing opportunities for students to acquire tools for lifelong personal growth that include: self-discipline, responsibility, cooperation, ability to work as a team, perseverance, desire to play fair, and class in both winning and losing.
In this series, we have been introducing each of our hardworking and dedicated faculty and staff departments. This is a wonderful opportunity to showcase the talented people God has brought to our school, and to give readers a little insight into each department, its members, and the calling the Lord has placed on their lives. We hope these features give you an even greater appreciation for our staff and the ways they enrich our students’ lives and help make Maranatha High School a Christ-centered and welcoming community.


Sammy Skinner Jr., C.A.A. (Athletic Director)

Sammy has been working at Maranatha since the start of the 2017-2018 school year, and what brought him to Maranatha was Dr. Sherman’s mission and vision for the school. “Dr. Sherman’s strong belief and support of not only the entire high school experience of the students but especially for the Athletic Department was the one key factor that brought me to Maranatha,” says Sammy, who also enjoys the faculty and staff supporting each other in various jobs to help enhance the students’ overall experiences at Maranatha. “The family atmosphere in the Athletic Department is evident by the strong support we show each other through our actions each and every day. Being surrounded by people of faith and purpose from the Maranatha community is a comfortable and supportive system that everyone should be able to have the opportunity to experience in a school environment and in life.”

“The mission of the Athletic Department is to provide co-curricular opportunities for student-athletes who meet Maranatha’s standards of spiritual, academic, and physical well being, to represent the school in athletic competition. “Our stated goal is to use the various sports activities, not only to develop the athletic skills and abilities of our student-athletes, but also to emphasize spiritual growth and life skills. Maranatha athletes strive to be both Christ-like in effort and in attitude at all times.”

Quirky Fact: “I coached bowling in college.”

Eddie Arnett ‘96, M.C.A.A. (Assistant Athletic Director)

Being a Maranatha alum, Eddie is truly honored and privileged to return to and serve at a place that helped shape him into the man he is today. “There were countless teachers, staff, and coaches that continuously poured into my life. Their impact helped create a passion to serve and instilled a desire in me to invest in the lives of high school students. I returned to Maranatha my senior year of college and began coaching soccer, which I continued doing for the next eight years, before transitioning into my current role,” says Eddie.

Over the past 12 years in his role as Assistant Athletic Director, Eddie has seen God direct the steps of the Athletic Department as they have made great strides and intentionally sought out His guidance along the way. “It’s unmistakable how God was hand-picking our coaches and staff to invest in our community and I’m thankful to have served alongside each one of them. God allows me to work with such incredible student-athletes and colleagues, which makes working at Maranatha a true joy. I feel blessed to have been a part of the journey God has taken our school on and witness His continual favor and provision for Maranatha.”

Quirky Fact: “I am a huge fan of essential oils.”

Kelly Wierema, M.A., A.T.C. (Athletic Trainer)

Kelly has been working at Maranatha for five years and there are many things that she enjoys about working with the Athletic Department. “I think my favorite thing about this department is how close we all are as a team, and how we truly have created a family feel. There is so much love and support in our department. It is amazing,” says Kelly, who was brought to Maranatha by a friend who was working at Evergreen Physical Therapy. “My friend heard about the job opening at Maranatha and thought it would be perfect for me. It definitely was!”

Quirky Fact: “I love to travel, and while I was in college I took two study abroad trips to Germany and Australia.”