Secure Your Spot in One of Maranatha's Exclusive Summer Programs

This summer, seize the opportunity to elevate your education with Maranatha High School's standout Summer Academy and Inspirit AI program. 

Both programs are designed to provide students with a unique and enriching educational experience, leveraging the expertise of Stanford and MIT graduates and our tradition of academic excellence.
Summer Academy: A Path to Excellence
Our Summer Academy is tailor-made for students seeking to advance their education, explore new subjects, or catch up on credits. It’s your chance to engage deeply in a focused academic environment, whether you're eyeing an Honors course, completing core requirements, or exploring new interests. For more details and course offerings, check our brochure HERE, and for personalized advice, our College Counseling Department is at your service.
Inspirit AI Program: Innovate and Explore
Partnering with Inspirit AI, we introduce a pioneering, in-person AI program to students grades 8-12, led by experts from Stanford and MIT. This program introduces AI's essentials and its transformative potential across sectors, no prior computer science knowledge required. Through nine sessions, engage in programming, ethical debates, and a team project that applies AI in fields like healthcare and finance. Maranatha students receive a special rate for this comprehensive 31.5-hour experience. To join, fill out this short interest form.
Time is running out to take advantage of these exceptional educational experiences. Both programs reflect Maranatha High School's dedication to providing leading-edge, enriching learning opportunities. Elevate your summer and set the stage for future success.
Don't wait—reserve your place now and make this summer a stepping stone to excellence.