Maranatha Soccer Program Marks a Season for the Ages!

In a season that will be etched in the annals of Maranatha High School's history, our soccer teams have displayed an unparalleled level of grit, perseverance, and teamwork, leading to a series of victories that have redefined excellence in Maranatha soccer.

This year, the Maranatha Boys' Soccer Team not only clinched the Olympic League Championship and CIF-SS Division VI Championship, but also soared to new heights by securing the CIF So. Cal. Division V Regional State Championship title. Their remarkable victory over Castle Park High School, with a nail-biting score of 2-1, has immortalized them as the first soccer team in our school's history to achieve such a prestigious triple triumph. The journey to the top was paved with relentless dedication and a series of grueling matches that tested their mettle, but it was the unbreakable spirit and camaraderie of our athletes that ultimately led to their historic success. 
Equally bolstering our school spirit, the Girls’ Soccer Team has had an impressive run of their own, advancing to the CIF-SS Championship Finals for the first time since 2015, and showcasing their formidable skills all the way to the Regional Semifinals. Their journey through the season has been a testament to their resilience, skill, and unwavering team spirit.
The season also marked a spectacular debut for Walker Haynes in his new role as Maranatha’s Head of Soccer Programs and his continued role as Varsity Boys’ Head Coach.  Coach Walker has steered both the boys' and girls' teams to new horizons. Under his guidance, these programs have flourished, reaching milestones that were once thought to be beyond reach. 
As we reflect on this momentous season, it's clear that the success of our soccer programs is not just about the titles won or the matches played. It's about the indomitable spirit of our student-athletes, the strategic brilliance of our coaching staff, and the unwavering support of our community. They are a testament to God’s grace and blessing and, together, they have crafted a chapter of Maranatha soccer history that will inspire future generations.

As the echoes of this season's triumphs continue to resonate, we stand proud of our athletes, our coaches, and our community. Here's to a season that will be remembered not just for its victories, but for the legacy it leaves behind!