Artificial Intelligence Program by Stanford Graduates Coming to Maranatha this Summer

We are excited to announce that Maranatha High School is offering an in-person, pre-college, project-based artificial intelligence program through Inspirit AI, an AI education program developed and taught by Stanford and MIT graduates this summer. 

Artificial intelligence is the defining technology of our times: in our voice-activated devices, smartphone face recognition systems, autonomous vehicles, and now in generative AI like ChatGPT. The potential for all students with diverse interests to apply this technology for good is limitless. 

Students from grades 8-12 will learn the fundamental concepts of AI and gain a deeper understanding of how AI is used to build ChatGPT and generative AI, fight the COVID-19 pandemic, power self-driving cars, and more. Students will learn to program AI using Python, discuss ethics and bias within AI, and complete a group project applying AI to a discipline like healthcare, astronomy, and finance, among others. No prior computer science experience is required to participate. The program will run for 9 sessions of 3.5 hours each in Summer 2024. 

If you may be interested in participating in this unique opportunity, please fill out this short interest form. The program is offered at a reduced fee of $1440 for Maranatha students for 31.5 hours of hands-on learning with AI practitioners and graduate students from Stanford and MIT who will travel to Pasadena to teach this pre-college program. Feel free to peruse the program brochure for more information about the curriculum, schedule, projects, teaching team, and more!