Maranatha Names a New Athletic Director

Maranatha High School looks toward the future of Athletics with the hiring of former Athletic Trainer and Interim Athletic Director, Ms. Alicia Vessey. 

Vessey steps in as Maranatha's official Athletic Director after three months of serving as the Interim Athletic Director from May 2023 to August 2023. 

Vessey ‘08 begins her sixth year as the Certified Athletic Trainer (AT) for Maranatha High School and her first year as Athletic Director. Vessey has been a part of the Maranatha Athletic Department since 2018 and has served as the Certified Athletic Trainer for the school’s 16 CIF sports teams and programs. During her tenure as an Athletic Trainer and Kinesiology teacher, Vessey earned one of the most prestigious faculty/staff awards in 2021 when she was awarded “Maranatha’s Employee of the Year” for her commitment to excellence during the school’s transitional time through COVID-19. She was also acknowledged for being an exemplary teacher at the school. 

Maranatha’s community was happy to chime in with their support of Ms. Vessey in her new role as Athletic Director. Head Football Coach Rand Holdren stated, "Alicia Vessey is the perfect choice to continue building Maranatha athletics on a competitive level while also growing the faith foundation. She has stepped into the Athletic Director role with her work gloves on, while also continuing to spend countless hours caring for the student-athletes on the Athletic Trainer front. Alicia is going to be great in her new expansive role." Head of School John Rouse shared, "Alicia has demonstrated time and time again in our school community her leadership abilities, most recently as our Covid-19 Response Coordinator and accepting the role of our Athletic Director. Her commitment to the school's mission of being Christ-centered is exemplified in all she has done and continues to do in her many leadership roles here at Maranatha High School."

Vessey looks to shape the school and athletic department positively with her commitment to excellence, attention to detail, and versatility on the field, court, and in the classroom.