Meet Your 2023-2024 Student Leaders

Maranatha High School's Student Council team has been announced for the upcoming school year. 

We are thrilled to introduce the remarkable individuals who will be working diligently to create community, develop messaging, organize events, and foster school culture. For the first time in Maranatha's history, we have appointed 5 leaders to serve as our Student Body Prefects. These talented leaders will oversee the entirety of the student life experience and help ensure that our community remains a vibrant, healthy, and connected one. Congratulations to our inaugural Student Body Prefects: Carter Shupper ’24 (Student Body Director/President), Danielle Babikian ’24 (Community Life Director), Alex Carrillo ’24 (Student Support Director), Mark Lin ’25 (Student Body Associate Director/Vice President), and Bella Youssefian ’24 (Historian).

Taking charge of Marketing & Communications will be Candece Lee ’24, Annika Heinstedt ’24, Diana Sarksyan ’26, Parisa Bryant ’25, Ainsley Siglock ’25, Dylan Garcia ’25 and Bella Hernandez ’24. Their expertise and creativity will undoubtedly propel our school's outreach efforts to new heights, ensuring effective communication with our student body and beyond.

The Media Team will be led by a talented group of individuals including Loghan Duran ’26, Yianni Kades ’25, Charley Jobson ’25, Charlotte Delawari ’26, Tivin Wu Lin ’24, Presley Tanaka ’26, Bella Aleman ’24, Sofie Chung ’26, Abigayle Ream ’26, Natalie Arminak ’25, Ella Klop ’26, Maya Wlazlak ’24, Jonas Heinstedt ’26, and Tania Krjalian ’24. With their collective skills in photography, videography, and digital media, they will capture and document the vibrant moments at Maranatha High School, ensuring our memories are cherished and shared.

Danny Jian ’25 has been appointed as the International Student Liaison, recognizing his dedication and commitment to fostering a supportive environment for our international students. Danny will serve as a bridge, facilitating cultural exchange and enhancing the experience of our international community.

Guiding our school's Houses will be AJ Beltre ’24, Felix Oh ’24, Sophia Lascano ’25, Jake Neely ’24, Isaiah Romero ’26, and Mia Huang ’26 as House Leaders. These exceptional students will inspire and lead their respective houses, promoting healthy competition, camaraderie, and school spirit throughout the year.

As these talented individuals step into their leadership roles, we humbly ask for your prayers for the Lord's guidance and blessings upon them. Their commitment to Maranatha High School's mission and their willingness to serve our community are truly commendable. We have no doubt that under their stewardship, the upcoming school year will be filled with memorable experiences.

Congratulations to the 2023-2024 Maranatha High School Student Council Team!