An Enriching Day

Several Maranatha faculty recently spent a day together off-campus. 

On March 16 and 17, members of Maranatha’s Theology Department attended the Los Angeles Theology Conference at Biola University, which focused on the relationship between the Church and the world. Topics discussed at the conference included: 
  1. How can the Church most effectively be the Church in a postmodern thought world? 
  2. How can the Church be understood as progressing towards holiness even when examples to the contrary are evident throughout history?
  3. Why the Church and the world should be thought of as separate and distinct entities, even though there is connection and movement between the two.
Beyond those discussions, and maybe more importantly, the conference furnished other benefits for our Theology faculty. They were able to meet with a friend from St. Andrews who teaches in the Torrey Honors College, after which Maranatha’s Oliver Honors Institute is modeled. The conversation was fruitful and provided the team with helpful ideas. 
They also had the chance to meet with several MHS alumni on campus, and even take a couple of them to lunch. 
We are delighted that our Theology Department faculty were able to spend enriching time together away from campus. This photo shows the group with Millard Erickson, the author of the systematic theology textbook that many, if not most, seminary students have used over the past 4 decades.