Mental Health Awareness Chapel

We care about the well being of our students and community.
Today, Maranatha hosted our first faith and mental health chapel. The idea was inspired by senior Ministry Team member Makiah Redson, who shared her own journey of understanding and embracing some of her challenges. Mr. Fernandez, our wellness counselor, also shared with us where God is during those times and how we can get help. He will be inviting our community to explore what we can do when we, or someone we care about, experiences a mental health struggle. 
The goal is for our community to understand that emotional pain and mental differences are normal things people experience in life and that it’s okay, and healthy, to talk about how we are really doing. Our prayer is that God would make our community a safe place where we can be open and honest about our mental health and recognize that every person’s mind is a masterpiece of God to be embraced.
We place our hope in the King who has experienced deep emotional distress, loves us with an everlasting love, and longs to give us a peace that surpasses understanding.  (John 12:27; Jer 31:1; Phil 4:7)