PA Guest Speaker Matthew Fernandez

Join us for this week's Parent Association meeting. You don’t want to miss it!
Maranatha’s Wellness Advisor, Matthew Fernandez LMFT, will be the guest speaker at the Parent Association meeting this Thursday, September 15, from 8:00-9:00 am in the Student Center. Mr. Fernandez will be sharing practical tools that students and their families can implement in their lives to help them maintain their mental health, alleviate anxiety, and create positive change to eliminate negative thinking patterns. 

He shared, “In today’s society, children, teens and adults are all facing many stressors that can leave long-lasting, negative impacts on their wellbeing if they do not have practical coping strategies that can help them implement emotional regulation consistently. This is why it is crucial that we learn how to process these stressors appropriately. Having healthy ways to cope when we are under great distress and facing adversity can help lead a person to persevere through difficult times. Helping individuals identify their strengths and reflect on their resiliency is a crucial step throughout the process of teaching them that they can overcome depression, anxiety, and other mental health issues.” 

At Thursday’s PA meeting, Mr. Fernandez will be providing information about ways to achieve this process through an integrated approach using principles from both Psychology and Christianity that can help individuals with improving their overall mental and physical health. 

Please note that this month’s meeting date was moved back one day to accommodate the late start day on Wednesday. 

We are looking forward to seeing you here this Thursday.