See You at Back to School Night this Wednesday

Maranatha parents are encouraged to come to campus this Wednesday, August 24, for Back to School Night.
Click HERE to view a video of this message. 

School has swung into full gear, and our students have been diving into their academic life in the classroom. As you walk through the hallways, you notice everyone’s tangible excitement as students delve into their learning and begin unpacking all the incredible possibilities this year has waiting for them. And now, it’s time for you (parents) to catch a glimpse of this at as well.

Back to School Night is this Wednesday from 6:00-8:00 pm and will begin in the Student Center. The purpose of Back to School Night is to give you a tangible interaction with daily school life, meet our fabulous teachers, and learn about the curriculum of your students' courses. 

As a Maranatha faculty we are committed to helping your child become an inquisitive observer and an informed researcher. We want them to take personal ownership of their learning and grow in knowledge and wisdom through the eyes of Christ. All of this builds into them being an intentional learner both inside and outside the classroom. 

Back to School Night is your opportunity to interact and learn about how these goals are being put into practice in each of your student’s classrooms and to meet the faculty who will be walking alongside your student these next 9 months.

As we renew this partnership with your students for the 2022-2023 school year, we remain committed as a community to cultivate Students of Christ, Intentional Learners, Invested Citizens, and Skilled Communicators.

With this in mind, we are excited to highlight a few spaces and programs that we have enhanced for the new year and which you can see in person on Back to School Night. Under Miguel Almena’s veteran guidance, our TILE Program continues to showcase the innovation and technical prowess of our students. We are excited to have refreshed the Mac Lab with new  M1 iMacs, allowing us, among other things, to implement more augmented and virtual reality programs into our curriculum. In TILE, we are also placing new emphasis on school interns, giving more of our students real responsibility and industry level training. 

Another exciting development that took place over the summer is the dedication of a new space for our Language and Performing Arts departments. One wing of the Academic Center has been transformed into the Language Department, so make sure to stop by and check out the new French, Spanish, and ASL classrooms on the second floor.

Performing Arts, in turn, has taken over the Student Center! This includes a new black box theater classroom, in addition to orchestra and choir spaces that include room for instrument and vocal performance rehearsals. This move gives the performing arts the ability to take full advantage of the lighting and sound equipment in the Student Center, as part of their daily curriculum and training. 

Our renowned Oliver Honors Institute, which is rooted in the perspective that critical engagement of the world’s greatest works will shape Christian leaders of the highest caliber, has also been given a new space. You’ll definitely want to take in the view they have from the 3rd floor Commons, as they bring Scripture into conversation with literary masters in their seminars modeled on the tutorial systems of Oxford and Cambridge.

Back to School Night is such a special time to renew relationships with returning faculty and staff and to form new friendships with the fresh faces in our community. It’s a time for connecting, reconnecting, and an opportunity to enter into your student’s school world for a few hours.

We are so excited to invite you to join us for this incredible evening, and we look forward to meeting you as we partner together in developing your student to be an Intentional Learner, Student of Christ, Invested Citizen, and Skilled Communicator.