Energy Efficiency in Action

In an effort to be good stewards of our natural resources, Maranatha High School has recently completed several projects aimed at reducing consumption and increasing the energy efficiency of the campus.

You may have seen workers on every rooftop of the campus this past spring and summer as they installed solar panels and the infrastructure necessary for the school to generate some of its own energy. Solar panels were installed on the roofs of the gymnasium, natatorium, Student Center, and Academic Center. Once connected to the power transformer, this sustainable energy project will be completed. 

To better manage the school’s energy consumption, EMS (Energy Management System) hardware was installed to control the campus’ chiller system, air conditioning, and lighting. The EMS will provide greater control over those systems, enabling usage to be reduced when not needed, resulting in less consumption and energy waste.

The school’s transformer failed during the pandemic, resulting in a two day blackout. The campus was powered by temporary transformers until 11 days ago, when the new, permanent transformer went online. This new equipment utilizes the latest technology and is more efficient than the 1960’s era transformer it replaced. 

The school is also doing its part to conserve water by complying fully with the state-mandated water restrictions. As long as California’s Emergency Water Conservation Regulations remain in effect, the school is unable to water non-essential grass areas. While the regulations do make an exception for athletic fields, many of Maranatha’s grass areas along buildings and walkways will likely start to look a bit brown. We remain optimistic that, as the weather cools and everyone does their part to conserve the state’s water resources, these restrictions will be temporary.

With the completion of these projects and conservation efforts implemented, Maranatha High School has made great strides to become more energy efficient than ever.