“Old Hollywood” Prom 2022

by Abigail Scheidler ‘22
On April 30th, as the sun set upon the docks of Newport Harbor, students dressed in brightly colored dresses and ties lined up to board the yacht on which Maranatha’s 2022 Prom was about to take sail.

Splashes of gold, black, and glitter decorated the venue in Old Hollywood style. There were three levels of the yacht; the first was filled with beautifully decorated tables and a bar that served Shirley temples and soda pop, as much as any guy or doll could want. Hors d'oeuvres were served on elegant silver platters. The second floor had space for dancing and a small private area along the railing to take in fresh air. There was also a photo booth for students to use to commemorate the evening. The third floor was open to the starry sky. Students enjoyed the reprieve and spent time with each other laughing and making memories. 

By twilight, the party was in full swing. The cold ocean breeze did nothing to dampen the escape to Old Hollywood. Michal Demonteverde and Zoey Sabado shared a dance as newly crowned Prom King and Queen towards the end of the night. By the time the boat docked in the harbor, the attendees of the 2022 Maranatha High School Prom were ready to take their bows.