Maranatha’s First World Culture Day

by Dr. James Layton
Excitement buzzed among us last Friday during Maranatha's first World Culture Day celebration as community members came together to create a space for authentic fellowship. 
To begin our time, Maranatha's Worship and Design Team wove together music and testimonies untethered from a single ethnic experience and powerfully engaged a wider breadth of our community. After the service, our community was welcomed by students, teachers, and parents who hosted ethnic experiences which transformed our campus into a festival of cultural exchange. These hosts engaged our community with holy acts of hospitality - inviting the Maranatha family to taste, dance, listen, and learn about the rich diversity of how God's children at Maranatha encounter the world. We enjoyed life together as God's multiethnic family as we indulged in pan dulce, soorj, and kimbap. 

We are grateful for the table leaders (students, teachers and parents) who were beacons of diversity and inclusion on campus. We are also thankful for the support staff who worked diligently behind the scenes, and our CARE Team leaders who dreamed up World Culture Day, and then made it happen. I would like to give a particular shout out to Shania Camaja ’23, Mark D'Leon ’22, and Angie Mitilian ’22 for taking the lead with their gifts, vision, and energy into making World Culture Day a success!