East Parking Lot Mural by Maranatha Student

By Shania Camaja '22, student-artist
The east wall of the underground parking garage was recently transformed with a student painted mural.
Painted by student-artist, Shania Camaja '22, the mural, titled "Exploration", references the two beautiful, yet not fully understood worlds of sea and outer space. According to the artist, both are vastly different, yet they refer to life outside of high school and a representation of how each student will explore life and adapt to the unknowns the world has to offer them.

Shania shared, "It is an honor to paint the sights God has created for us. I wish to express my gratitude and appreciation for having been selected by Maranatha to see my design become a reality but, first and foremost, my gratitude towards our God Almighty for my artistic ability and gift."  

Through worship and art, there are always ways to be grateful for what we have been blessed with.