Spanish Class Visits a Local Latina-Owned Business

One Maranatha class recently had the opportunity to step off campus to experience culture and cuisine while supporting a local business in our community.
Mrs. McBride’s Spanish class took a field trip to a local restaurant "Amara Cafe''. Amara is a local, Latina-owned business which serves traditional Venezuelan food and coffee, but they are most known for their house-made churros and cacao dipping chocolate. 
During their business lunch, the students walked from campus to Amara Cafe, and even had the opportunity to apply the Spanish they have learned before, during, and after the trip. Due to the small class size and double-block schedule, it was easy to do an excursion like this. 
Mrs. McBride shared, “Although Amara Cafe is very close to our campus, I find there is an importance for students to get outside the walls of the classroom, try new foods, and have real-world experience”. 

In addition to practicing and applying Spanish, the class worked on some research and discussed why it is important to support local businesses in our community.