Maranatha Celebrates of Pi Day

By Monica Chan, Mathematics Department Chair
On March 14th, Pi Day was celebrated all around the world. To celebrate, four students hosted a Pi Memorization Challenge.  

Organized by students Ryan Lin, Aaron Peng, Shaurya Bhartia, and Kyran Lin, the competition asked students to memorize as many digits of pi as they could. Out of the 20-plus students who participated, three students prevailed as the Pi Memorization Champions. The 3rd Place winner, who memorized 50 digits of pi, was freshman Von Boyamyan. Second Place was awarded to senior Sean Tang who memorized 111 digits of pi. The 1st Place winner was junior Michael Zhang who memorized a remarkable 206 digits of pi!

Each of these winners was awarded a gift card to honor their hard work. Thank you to all who participated. Keep it up, Minutemen!