ACSI Day of Prayer

The Association of Christian Schools International held their Day of Prayer on Tuesday, February 15. with Maranatha’s Spiritual Formation Team leading our school community in prayer.
The theme for this year’s event was Shalom. The word “Shalom” is mostly translated into English as peace, harmony, wholeness. God desires for humans to flourish in every aspect of their lives for completeness. Jesus has come to bring restoration into every aspect of our lives. During our time together that morning, we specifically prayed for compassion in our community, for racial reconciliation, for healing and justice. We also prayed for courage and boldness to be upon us. Dr. James Layton invited and guided us, and led us into a moment of silence to do so. A few of the prayers offered by our students and staff are provided below. We invite you to read these prayers, and then, to make these prayers your own. 
“Father, we worship you and praise you today. We thank you for your desire to bring restoration to the entire world, to our community, to every human here. We thank you for the desire to flourish us humans. Father God, I ask for our students and community to pray with us, to ask for Your giving of compassionate hearts for others in our community.” - Dr. James Layton

Dr. Layton then acknowledged that there is racial division, there is brokenness, pain, and trauma, and he invited the Maranatha community to take a moment to pray silently for God to bring us to places of racial reconciliation.

“Dear God, thank you for giving us this day, this time to honor you. In this time, I pray for healing and love within our community and beyond. I pray for humility and compassion for others that we may open ourselves to others in love, and listen to others with good intentions. I pray that we would show love.” - Grace Boalt ‘23

“God I ask that you aid our community and bring the tension to the racial justices in the world today. As children of God, let us acknowledge and take action over racial reconciliation and work towards uniting your kingdom to the people around us. Help us find new ways to learn, and to love the brothers and sisters in Christ of all ethnicities and cultures, who are beautifully made by Your grace. Bring healing and inner peace to those whose community has failed to let them feel loved. Let them be the masterpiece God created them to be.” - Shania Camaja '23

Dr. Layton added, “Lord, we thank you that you're a God of healing and justice.” He continued by inviting the Maranatha community to pray right then, where they were sitting, to participate with God -  to pray for Him to unleash healing and justice in our community and in this world. 

“God, we pray for those of us who feel physically beaten and hurt. For those of us who feel diseased and sick, we pray that you will be with them in that space, God. Father, provide healing for those who need it. God, also in the same space for those of us who feel spiritually, mentally beaten, provide restoration for those who need it. Father God, across campus or wherever we are in terms of justice, we pray that we will be able to call out evil for evil, or good for good. For those of us who need to speak out, we pray that you give everyone around us ears to hear them.” - David Bush '23

And Father, we thank you that you invite us to participate in your restoration and mission for the world. We thank you Lord that you are the provider of courage and boldness. And I want to invite the Maranatha community to pray that God will unleash courage and boldness in every single person on this campus.” - Dr. James Layton

“Dear God, let us not be intimidated by our fears, but face them head on with you by our side. Assure us of our self worth and the uniqueness that you see in each of us. God, you have already accepted us regardless of how others perceive us or any shortcomings. Remind us that, as your children, we are good enough, strong enough, and have the courage to confront all that life throws at us.” - Rebecca Garnica '23

“Thank you all so much for joining us in praying for our community. As believers in Christ, we know that prayer changes things and that God hears our prayers. Thank you for praying for compassion for others, for racial reconciliation, for healing,  justice, courage, and boldness in Christ. Shalom. May God be with you. Have a blessed day!” - Serene Babikian ‘16