Maranatha’s Inaugural Winter Term

Last week, Maranatha High School students took a break from their normal courses to participate in the school’s first Winter Term.
Each day consisted of two week long classes in the mornings, followed by a different “Singleton” class each afternoon. Students also had the option to elect the Spiritual Life Retreat option, which substituted a retreat to the mountains for Days 3-5. The courses offered during Winter Term were created by faculty and staff members, and provided a wide variety of options to allow students to explore new areas of interest. “Intro to the Stock Market”, “Theology, Race & Culture in ‘Squid Games’”, “So You Want to Work in Professional Sports”, “It’s a Little Sketchy!: Learning to Sketchbook”, “Everyday Chinese Language & Culture 101”, “Pasadena History, Arts & Architecture”, “How to: Professionalism”, “Archery”, and “The Art & Science of Smoking & Grilling” were just a few of the many unique and creative courses offered. 

Maranatha Principal Tim Fenderson shared, "Winter Term has given our students a greater opportunity to explore new course topics which may not fit into the traditional academic year, but are perfect for shorter, more intensive study. We asked our Winter Term teachers to bring their creativity and personal passion into the classroom, and thus we had a unique opportunity to offer classes that we would not normally be able to offer in school. We wanted this to be a different experience for the students. And from what we are hearing by word of mouth and our post-WinterTerm survey, it certainly was!"