Celebrating Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year is one of the most important festivals celebrated by Chinese all over the world, including our international students at Maranatha.
This special festival is celebrated this year on February 1st, when families will gather for reunions with their extended family members. Many will celebrate Chinese New Year by having reunion dinners and exchanging gifts, which symbolize blessings and good fortune for the rest of the year. Due to pandemic travel restrictions, our international students have not been able to return home since the start of the school year, not even during Christmas break. We want to help our international students celebrate this festival, so our school has prepared special gifts, in addition to Chinese New Year cards from faculty. Also, our Dance Team will perform a special dance to celebrate the Chinese New Year. 
As we celebrate this meaningful festival, we are reminded to treasure and give thanks for the important people in our lives and to celebrate our diverse community at Maranatha. The International Student Program wishes everyone a very happy Chinese New Year!