TILE Lab Builds Air Purifiers for Teachers

This semester, students taking Maranatha's Computer Aided Design and Engineering class had the opportunity to build air purifiers for campus classrooms, learning great design and engineering techniques while also helping to further purify classroom air.  
The Corsi-Rosenthal Air Purifier is an affordable air purifier that performs much better than an expensive, industry standard, HEPA-based portable air cleaner. With inexpensive supplies available at any general department or home improvement store, students used the TILE Lab to build and test a portable air filter to help remove infectious airborne particles - including the respiratory droplets that carry Coronavirus - from indoor spaces.  
The team measured the success of the purifier with a particle counter, which helps the lab evaluate the six MERV-13 air filters that come with each device. The result? The units can deliver an estimated clean-air rate of roughly 600 cubic feet-per-minute, which means one cube could produce 6 or more clean air changes every hour. These results are within Harvard University's 2021 COVID-19 Healthy Buildings range of 5 air changes per hour.