Introducing the Modern Languages Department

This week, we continue our series to help you become better acquainted with each department at Maranatha.  
We live in a global community. Therefore, it makes sense that developing students to be better global citizens is part of the goal of the faculty of our Modern Languages Department. By facilitating student learning through practical application and authentic conversation, they help students cultivate a deeper understanding of other languages and cultures. 
The Department is chaired by Taylor McBride, who has been a member of the Maranatha faculty for the past 6 years and teaches Spanish and Honors Spanish. In her free time, she loves to cook and is a  die-hard musical theater fan. Alba Breitenbucher is a 14-year member of the faculty who teaches Honors and AP Spanish. Outside of school, she enjoys hiking, reading, and traveling. Also teaching Spanish is the newest member of the department, Jason Brooks. Few might know that Mr. Brooks has selected Math to be his newest hobby. Students who are studying French are well acquainted with Dianna Fowler, who has been teaching at Maranatha for 10 years and is an expert of Walt Disney trivia and the lost art of cursive handwriting. Last, but not least, is our American Sign Language (ASL) teacher, Devan Douglass, who joined us 4 years ago. When not in the classroom, Ms. Douglass can likely be found enjoying the great outdoors - walking, hiking, or enjoying the beach.    
This tight-knit team is composed of both native and non-native speakers of their respective languages. According to Taylor McBride, “This is an important dynamic because we are living examples of how bilingualism truly is a superpower! We also have the privilege of teaching many students their 3rd language by using their 2nd (language).” 
The Modern Languages team has developed a great rapport and care for one another, and is another example of the sense of “community” for which Maranatha has become known.