Seniors Can Enjoy Personalized Parking Spaces

Maranatha High School’s parking garage is one of the coolest spaces on campus, thanks to the creative talents of some seniors. 
For the first time, the school is allowing its senior students to personalize their own parking space in the underground parking structure. Just prior to the start of the school year, a handful of eager seniors obtained their parking permit and dedicated space assignment. Armed with instructions, paint, and supplies, they started sketching and painting their parking spot to reflect their hobbies, skills, talents, or passions. The results were, frankly, more amazing than anyone had imagined! The students enjoyed getting to express themselves in a unique, new way. And the parking garage never looked better! Each of the artistic spaces is reserved for the senior to whom it has been assigned, and that student has exclusive use of their space during regular school hours. Though it almost seems a shame to cover up the artwork with a vehicle parked on top of it! If you haven’t seen them yet, you’ll want to take note next time you are in the parking garage. 

On September 25, Maranatha’s ASB is hosting another parking spot painting day for seniors who still wish to customize their own space. To be eligible, a senior student must have a valid driver’s license, purchase an annual parking permit from the school, and pay the $25 materials fee. Detailed guidelines and the painting application were emailed to seniors last week. For questions, please email Ms. Brown at