The Correct and Safe Way to Do Carline

You can help ensure our students arrive and depart campus safely and make certain we remain compliant with City regulations. 
As a reminder to all Maranatha parents, students are to be dropped off and picked up from school in the underground parking garage, or in the visitor lot if you have items that need to be delivered to the Student Center. We've seen a number of students being dropped off along the curb on Saint John Avenue, along Del Mar Boulevard, and even on Orange Grove Boulevard. Please do not use these areas!
According to our Conditional Use Permit, the City of Pasadena requires our students to be dropped off and picked up in the designated parking lots only. These regulations are intended for the safety of our students and to minimize any inconvenience for the neighbors living adjacent to our campus. Please allow yourself a couple of extra minutes to use the car line in the parking garage when dropping off or picking up your student. Thank you!