The Online Bookstore is Now Open!

Maranatha High School's online bookstore is now available for students to purchase their textbooks. 
To make purchasing your eTextbooks easier, we've prepared the following instructions and video tutorials.
  • For students new to Maranatha, you will need to first create your myMHS student login in order to access the MHS Online Bookstore. Most likely you have done so already, but if not, watch this tutorial video to learn how to create your myMHS login for the first time.
  • For returning students, please login to your myMHS student account and click on the Resources tab. Locate the MHS Online Bookstore tile and click it to be redirected to a page with links, information, and support. You can also directly access the bookstore at and use the Login With Your School button. You will be prompted to sign into your myMHS student account if you have not already done so.
  • Parents must login with their student's myMHS account to access their student's books in the bookstore.
The following instructional manual will help guide you through the steps of accessing and using the MHS Online Bookstore.
Classes/courses will use a variety of resources to support online learning, including ebooks, software licenses, and free common domain or interactive material.  As a result,
  • Not all classes/courses will require a textbook.
  • Some classes/courses will use ebooks and interactive online software in lieu of a traditional textbook. eBooks and licenses will be bundled under Required Course Materials in the MHS Online Bookstore.
  • Digital learning platforms are bundled to student accounts based on their class schedule. These resources cannot be removed from a student account and must be purchased through the online bookstore.
  • Some classes/courses will utilize free course materials or resources in lieu of a traditional textbook. These classes will not have a listing to purchase materials through the bookstore.
  • Some classes/courses may provide a book list on the first day of school for materials that do not need to be purchased all at once. These resources are not listed in the bookstore.
If you have questions regarding using the online bookstore or about your purchases, please contact the EdTech Solutions Support Line by calling (855) EdTech5, or email them at