What You Need to Know for Picture Day

Next week, our school photographers will be on campus to take photos of students, faculty, and staff who did not have their school photo taken last September. 
We not only want to make sure that you are in the yearbook, but your photo is also required for transcripts and more. We’ve ensured that school photos will be taken in a clean, safe environment in the Student Center on Wednesday and Thursday, March 24 and 25, from 3:00-7:00 p.m. If you need to have your photo taken, please schedule your 2-minute appointment using our SignUp Genius form HERE. We will be limiting the number of students permitted inside the Student Center, social distancing guidelines must be followed, and students must wear a face mask at all times while on campus (except when the photographer asks them to remove it). Here are the step-by-step procedures:
  1. Students must wear a Maranatha uniform polo shirt. You are photographed from the shoulders up, so you may wear jeans, pants, or shorts (no need for uniform bottoms on this day).
  2. Students should arrive a minimum of 10 minutes before their scheduled appointment time. 
  3. Park in the underground parking lot and wait in your vehicle.
  4. Students should complete the health screening questions on their SchoolPass app while waiting.
  5. Ten minutes before your appointment time, a staff member stationed near the north exit stairs will announce your appointment group’s time. At this point, the student (only) may exit the vehicle and proceed to the north exit stairs which lead to the upper lot. Any other family members must remain in their parked vehicle to avoid crowds and ensure social distancing. 
  6. Students will be directed by staff towards the Health Screening table where they will show the completed SchoolPass health questionnaire to staff and have their temperature taken. 
  7. Once cleared, they will be handed a paper with their name, grade, and student ID number on it (which the photographer will collect shortly) and be directed to wait in line to enter the Student Center through the north entrance for their appointment. 
  8. Staff will direct students to an available photography station. 
  9. Students must wear their mask to the camera and stand on the red feet marked on the floor. Students will place the paper they were given by the staff at the Screening table outside on the floor in front of them for the photographer to read. Once the photographer gives the okay, the student can remove the mask and place it on the floor also.  
  10. After taking their photo, students will be directed by staff to exit to the ID waiting area on the Senior Patio.
  11. Within a few minutes, a staff member will bring the student his/her photo ID card.
  12. Students must then promptly exit the Senior Patio and proceed back to the underground parking lot through the N/W stairwell (located near the scoreboard) and proceed directly to their vehicle.
Seniors who have not yet taken their formal senior portrait will make an appointment with Prestige Portraits to come for a longer photo session. You may book your appointment online HERE. If you have any questions about senior portraits, please email s_witherspoon@mhs-hs.org

This will be your last opportunity to be included in the yearbook so don't miss out!