Students Helping Premature Newborns and Their Families

During this pandemic, feeling isolated in quarantine is something to which everyone must learn to adjust. Unfortunately, for many preemie* families awaiting the release of their tiny babies from the NICU (Neonatal Intensive Care Unit), an already difficult time can become even more isolating, without the support of others.
One of the greatest challenges preemie families face is finding warm clothing that can fit their tiny infants, especially since maintaining body warmth is vital for their health during this critical stage of their lives. With the intent to meet this need, along with her passion to spread awareness regarding this topic, Maranatha High School senior Allison Chang created a website titled “A Preemium On Preemies”, which presents critical information about the premature birth issue. Last semester, in partnership with A Preemium On Preemies, Maranatha’s California Scholarship Federation (CSF) club launched a service project, teaching its members how to crochet preemie-sized hats. Members were given the option to either follow a pre-recorded video as they crocheted by themselves, or to attend office hour-like Zoom sessions where they were personally guided through each step.
Thanks to CSF members’ dedication toward serving local preemies, a total of 47 hats have been crocheted during this school year. These hats will be donated to Huntington Hospital to help preemies maintain their precious body warmth and bring a little extra peace to anxious families awaiting the release of their beloved babies.
For more information, please check out the A Preemium On Preemies website
*A preemie is a baby born prematurely, before 37 weeks of pregnancy have been reached