A Warm Welcome for our Faculty and Staff

The welcome that faculty and staff received this morning, as they arrived back on campus, put smiles on every face!
Parent volunteers lined Saint John Avenue, near the parking garage entrance, holding handmade posters and signs while waving and cheering as Maranatha’s faculty and staff entered campus - many of them for the first time in many months. When the Parent Association learned a week ago that March 1 would be the date the faculty and staff would be returning to work on campus, the PA board sprang into action to recruit volunteers, order fresh baked treats and coffee, and have signs quickly made. The campus was festive and welcoming with balloons, and lawn signs and posters, reminding the teachers and staff that they are loved and appreciated.
Many thanks to all who volunteered and helped organize such a warm and celebratory reception! The Maranatha community is unlike any other and today the parent volunteers truly were the “Maranatha Difference.”