Please Update Your myMHS Profile Today

If a situation arises and we need to reach you quickly, is your contact information on file with the school accurate and complete?
It is important that every Maranatha parent, student, and staff member be able to receive our alert messages should an urgent matter require us to reach you quickly. On the morning of February 2nd, we sent an alert message to every MHS parent, student, and staff member notifying them of an internet outage on campus. If you did not receive the test alert as a text message and email, you may not have all the necessary contact information listed in your myMHS profile.

The good news is that updating your myMHS profile only takes a minute! Please take time today to review and update, if necessary, your Contact Card information in your myMHS profile. It is important that you have your mobile number, home or work number, and email address saved under the “Phone” and “Digital” sections, respectively, of your profile's contact card. For your convenience, we have created this short video tutorial to assist you with updating your contact information. Please note that if you wish to restrict the information that is shown to other MHS community members, you may also modify that under “Settings> Privacy”.

Thank you for taking the time to ensure that Maranatha can reach you in the event of an emergency or other urgent matter.