Latin Student Union Makes a Difference Through Service

Recently, a group of Maranatha students took the initiative to help the homeless.
The Latin Student Union (LSU) is a student-led club which exists, in part, to make an impact both at school and in the community. Prior to their winter break, five LSU students volunteered their time at a local church that gathers three mornings a week to pack food that is then distributed to the homeless. The students packaged food in containers, placing them in bags along with water and other snacks. According to one of the student volunteers, senior Haely Parada, “It was such an encouragement to see a group of people come together and shed light in places that are often forgotten about. Not only was it a humbling experience, but it allowed students to reflect on the blessings they have, even basic necessities, that we often take for granted.”
The students hope to volunteer more frequently since one of the three things LSU stands for is social representation, which Haely explained means “to foster a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood at Maranatha High School, as well as in surrounding communities." 
Maranatha applauds Karina Jose ‘22, Ximena Santoro ‘22, Jackie Horan ‘22, Pablo Elias ‘22, and Haely Parada ‘21 for their initiative and calling to serve others, and to all our students who seek opportunities to reflect Christ’s love through selfless acts.