Students are Invited to Join the Conversation

The Maranatha High School C.A.R.E. Team is proud to launch C.A.R.E. Roundtable Conversations this semester.  
Every Thursday during lunch, students are invited to join the host, MHS College Counselor Justin Riddle, and other members of the MHS Family (students, faculty and staff) for conversations about how culture and race influence everything under the sun. The topics discussed will be proposed by students themselves and can include whatever they want to talk about, whether it’s movies, music, food, comedy, faith, science, family, politics, money, or something else. 
C.A.R.E. Roundtable Conversations are a time for participants to share their own culture and race, while being able to learn and better understand others and grow as a community. Students will receive more information from Mr. Riddle via email this Thursday, including the Zoom link and a Google form to contribute a topic for discussion.