We Can Help With Your Holiday Gifts

Did you know that Americans purchased $163 billion dollars worth of gift cards last year? Most of us plan to purchase gift cards as holiday gifts this year, and Maranatha has a simple, convenient way to help you. 

Scrip, which is simply another name for pre-paid gift cards, is sold by the Parent Association throughout the school year. Scrip is available from numerous retailers, such as Smart & Final, Amazon, Chipotle, Starbucks, AMC, Target, Macy’s, and many more! For each card you purchase, you receive the FULL value of your purchase and Maranatha will receive a percentage back, donated by the retailer.
Let's say for example that you purchase a Bed, Bath & Beyond scrip card with a value of $100. You receive $100 worth of gift cards from Bed, Bath & Beyond and the school will receive $7. Bed, Bath & Beyond donates 7% of the value of the card to our school. The percentages vary depending on the retailer. Some are 12% or higher!
With Christmas approaching, this is a great time to purchase gift cards. There are 3 simple and convenient ways to buy them through Maranatha:
  1. On your mobile device with the RaiseRight app
  2. Online at ShopWithScrip.com
  3. Using the MHS Scrip order form
CLICK HERE to view more information with detailed instructions on each of these 3 options, and CLICK HERE if you wish to download a physical copy of the MHS Gift Card order form. 
Here's another benefit: You earn 1 PSP hour for every $100 of Scrip you purchase! Simply retain your receipts for sign-off when you receive your PSP "red book". If you have any questions, please contact the Parent Association Scrip Coordinators at scrip@mhs-hs.org.
Proceeds from your Scrip purchase will help the PA "bless" the teachers and staff with treats, lunches, gifts, and more. Thank you for your support!